Sourdough Focaccia Recipe

Sourdough Focaccia recipe | The simple and amazing Italian bread

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  1. Judy Vallas Reply

    Not a big deal, but “print recipe” takes me to a page filled with machine language. (On a 5S iPhone.)

    • Thanks. I am talking to the developer of the recipe plugin to figure out why.

  2. Christine Reply

    I’ve done this and it it awesome! thank you so very much for all your recipes. Have a look though as you have some typos 🙂

  3. Jaristokraatti Reply

    This was delicious!

  4. Tom Reply

    Is it possible to put this dough in the fridge at some stage to retard the ferment? (I’m thinking fridge overnight so that I can bake it first thing in the morning?) If so, at what step do you think would be best for putting in the fridge?
    Thanks for all your videos and recipes!

    • I’d do a shorter bulk and then put it in the fridge 🙂

  5. Amanda Iverson Reply

    I followed the recipe, but it stuck to the pan even after I rubbed it with olive oil. Please advise.

    • You have to be pretty liberal with the oil and you should remove it as soon as it’s baked 🙂

      • Susan Reply

        5 stars
        Really fantastic. So many people have requested this! I do brine it before baking, and make a “sling” with parchment paper, to help get it out. Double batch is rising now!

  6. Kofi Reply

    That tastes extremely good man, thanks for all of this!
    Also had the focaccia stick to the pan, and with a smaller pan (24*17cm) it was done after only 20 minutes.
    Ill make it again tomorrow 😛

    • Yes, I should probably mention that the baking time will be affected 🙂

  7. Allan Reply

    I made this two days ago, it worked perfectly and was delicious. Tried again today and it was a failure as it didn’t rise. As far as I know I didn’t do anything different. Kitchen may have been a bit cooler but not significantly. Any suggestions as to why it failed?

  8. Romy Reply

    Hi Sune,

    I tried this recipe last weekend and it was awesome, never tried focaccia before but this recipe is foolproof. I was also struggeling with my sourdough breads for a while until i stumbled upon your YouTube channel and recipes and now I never seem to fail again 🙂 So thank you!

  9. geordie Reply

    Cant wait to try this.

  10. Susan Reply

    5 stars
    Already left one positive comment, but wanted to mention that when I was showing this to a friend, I realized there is a small typo in #4 of Mix Dough. It says to mix in more flour in stages, but I am fairly sure you mean more water. Still great!

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