Vital Wheat Gluten Calculator

Image this: You are at your house, your sourdough starter just grew to double size and you want to mix your dough. Come to realize, you only have all-purpose flour and you really need some high protein flour.

Then you remember you have that bag of Vital Wheat Gluten that you never used. It’s almost pure protein, but not exactly. So how much do you put in your flour to make the perfect amount of protein?

Well, here’s the answer. Type in the protein of your low-protein flour, the protein of your vital wheat gluten, the protein that you need for the mixed flour and the amount of flour that you need. All in grams. We are all bakers here, right?

After you finish typing, you’ll get the result. It’s that easy.

Protein in your current flour
g per g
Protein in vital wheat gluten
g per g
Target protein (percent)
Amount of flour needed (in grams)