Sourdough Bagels Recipe | The best bagels in the world

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  1. Diane Reply

    I can’t wait to try your bagel recipe, but cannot use dairy ingredients (milk powder). What adjustments can I make? Thank you!!!

    • Omit it. It’s there to help browning 🙂 They might get a little less brown though 🙂

  2. Daniel Reply

    Hi Sune! Thanks for this recipe! We’ve made it twice and it makes a tasty bagel, but I have a question. After shaping bagels, we proof on counter for 4 hours, then to refrigerator, usually overnight. But I notice when you go to the boiling step, your bagels are already much taller than ours. While taste is great, I’d like a taller bagel like yours. Any suggestions on a change for that? Should we proof longer? (Video doesn’t show bagels before they go to fridge). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ben Silverstein Reply

    Hi Sune! Love the recipe! Just out of curiosity, why is the inoculation so high in this dough, as opposed to your other doughs that are usually around 20%? Thanks!

    • It’s because enriched doughs usually take a very long time to ferment, so I boost it by adding more 🙂