Sourdough Starter Maintenance – How to keep a healthy starter

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  1. Emre Ozen Reply

    So far I had no idea about back-uping up yiest by drying, amazing tip Sune. Thank you very much

    • Yes, it’s super practical 🙂 You are welcome 🙂

  2. Hi Sune, I’ve discovered your YT channel and enjoy your experiments re: convention wisdom. I’ve heard that one should feed a starter the same flour and not switch. In this scenario you would have a separate starter to feed with rye, a separate starter to feed with graham flour, etc. It’s just one of those pieces of conventional wisdom that makes things complicated. Any thoughts? – Christine from Lower East side, NYC.

    • Hello Christine,

      I switch the flours on my starter a lot. Usually in the levain though and then I keep the starter using 100% bread flour, but you can easily convert the starter to a different flour or a mix. Even gluten free if you want 🙂

  3. Dav Reply

    Great source of information, thank you. If you don’t bake every day and keep the starter at room temperature like you suggest, how many times a week do you feed it? Thanks

    • I don’t feed it unless I need to bake. The longest my starter went on the counter was 3 weeks without a feeding 🙂

  4. Joyce in Ohio, US Reply

    Thank you for all your detailed instructions. A friend recommended your website. I have a jar of dried starter that’s been in the pantry for a few years. I’ve got the sourdough bug again so appreciate your help in reviving a dried starter. I’m eager to try Danish rye!

    • What I usually to is this:

      1. Measure the dried starter
      2. Add the same amount of water
      3. Dissolve the dried starter completely
      4. Feed using equal amounts of flour and water, by weight
      5. Wait for it to rise. If it doesn’t repeat feeding until it does.
  5. Marina Reply

    Hello Sune, I am a fan of Your page! But until now I used to do your recipes with poolish. Now, I am trying unsuccessfully with a levain, bubbly, that doubles in volume but the dough doesn’t grow as expect neither during fermentation nor baking. Can you help me.

    • What temperature do you bulk at? Also, about how long from you mix the starter into the dough until you shape the bread?