Sourdough Pretzels recipe

Pretzels are magical. Soft on the inside, chewy and deeply caramelized crust, with that telltale tingling and slightly soapy taste. Evoking childhood memories of amusement parks, maybe Oktoberfest, or, in my case, visiting my Dad in Germany. I love an amazing pretzel, I am sure you do too. This is my recipe for sourdough pretzels.

There are soft pretzels and hard pretzels. This article and recipe is for soft pretzels, that are are big and soft on the inside, where the hard pretzels are small and crunchy. While they have similar taste characteristics, the soft pretzels are Ambrosia in my opinion. It’s simply the best baked snack that you can make.

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Sourdough Sandwich Bread recipe

I love a great sourdough bread, but sometimes you need a soft white bread for a delicious sandwich. This is a combination of the two of them. A soft white bread, with a deliciously caramelized crust and a very soft and slightly tangy interior. The best of both worlds. This is my recipe for sourdough sandwich bread.

Sandwich bread is made specifically for the preparation of sandwiches. They are easily sliced and usually have a light crumb.

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Easy Sourdough Panettone Recipe

There are so many delicious things that are made for christmas around the world. One comes from Italy but seems to have fans all over the world is the panettone. A rich and buttery bread, filled with dried fruits and candied citrus peels. The only problem, all the classic recipes take about three days to make. So here is my recipe for easy sourdough panettone.

The classic panettone is made with a pasta madre, which is a stiff sourdough starter and the dough is risen three times. This becomes very time consuming, so I decided to make my own easier version, but still using a starter and not using yeast.

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High hydration sourdough bread recipe with tangzhong

Making sourdough bread is really the talk of the town, and it seems like the what everybody is lusting after is the high hydration sourdough bread. The problem is that when you up the hydration you get a soupy dough. Then you try to up the whole grain content, but then you lose the strength of the gluten. The answer to your problems is using a tangzhong. This is my recipe for a high hydration sourdough bread using a tangzhong.

To make this bread you are going to need an active sourdough starter. If you don’t have one you can follow my method which is super simple.

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Sourdough æbleskiver recipe

A few weeks back I released a recipe for Danish gingerbread hearts, and we’re not done with Danish Christmas just yet. Æbleskiver are a traditional Danish Christmas baked good, and they are a spherical form of pancake. A sort of pancake ball. This is my recipe for sourdough æbleskiver.

Æbleskiver are a huge in Denmark. We will usually eat them at social gatherings up to Christmas. We get together and eat æbleskiver, drink Glögg (a sort of mulled wine) and we will often make decorations for the Christmas tree. In general it’s about having a good time together, quintessential hygge. A Danish social concept.

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