Brioche burger buns recipe

Most people love a good burger and I am absolutely one of them. A great burger requires a great burger bun. The problem is that the store bought ones are usually just a step up from cardboard. Often when you try to bake your own they seem to turn out a bit heavy and with a hard crust. Enter this brioche burger buns recipe which solves all of those problems.

We love a good burger at home, but we don’t really have any great bakeries around where I live. All you can get is supermarket buns. In the later years, the quality of those buns have actually increased significantly, but it can never compete with an artisan bun made with love.

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Twinkie Bundt Recipe

Twinkies are an iconic American snack cake. They’ve honestly never been available here in Denmark, but I tried them. They seem very factory-like, but I like the idea of delicious cake with a fluffy marshmallow filling, so I decided to make my own in the style of a bundt cake. Here is my Twinkie Bundt Recipe.

The Twinkie backstory

Twinkies were invented by a man named James Dewar in 1930 and were originally filled with banana cream. During the second world war, bananas were rationed, so a switch was made to vanilla filling, which proved to be very popular.

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Authentic Danish Pastry Recipe

Kringle. The word means pretzel in Danish and is the name of this specific pastry. It has a fluffy dough with lots of butter, eggs, it’s filled with remonce, which is made from sugar, butter and marzipan, sprinkled with pearl sugar and hazelnuts which turn crispy in the oven. It’s pure pastry genius. I’ve made a scientific test and I can now bring you the recipe for the worlds best authentic danish pastry.

Some weeks ago I had a discussion with my friend Kirstine. She told me that authentic danish pastry is made with margarine. She’d actually tried with butter and it tasted better with margarine. I was, like, “What?”

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Easiest sourdough bread

The world’s easiest sourdough bread

To make sourdough bread involves a lot of different techniques and a long list of things to do. Looking at the dough, touching it, waiting for it, streching and folding it and lot of other things. Sometimes you have other things to do, but you still want a fantastic sourdough bread with a holey crumb and a dark, crispy crust. Here is the solution. This is my recipe for the worlds easiest sourdough bread.

I love to bake. Cakes are fun, but bread… bread is everyday food. There isn’t a day in my life where I don’t eat bread. My favorite is sourdough bread. The crunch, the tangy and well-developed taste. Yum.

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