Walnut Rye Sourdough Bread Recipe – An awesome combination of tastes

When you are making a sandwich, sometimes you want a little something else. Something that compliments the toppings you want to put on the sandwich. You’ve done the white bread 100 times and it’s satisfying, no doubt. But there’s not that much taste. What should you do? This is my recipe for walnut rye sourdough bread.

This bread is inspired by two different classic Danish loaves of bread: a walnut (valnøddebrød) dark crusty bread with a soft crumb and lots of walnuts, and a Danish rye bread (rugbrød) which contains 100% rye flour and lots of seeds.

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Authentic taco vs. Texmex taco – Easy Homemade Tacos Recipe

Tacos are maybe one of the most popular foods in the world, both when eating out and eating at home. Probably only surpassed by pizza. There are many different versions of tacos, the most common is probably a version of Texmex tacos. I am going to compare that to a very uncomplicated Mexican street food version known as carne asada tacos. This is my recipe for amazing homemade tacos.

We love tacos here at home, it’s super easy to make and everybody gets to pick whatever they like to put on top. Want it spicy? Add some chilies. Love cucumbers? Go nuts. But we almost always eat a Texmex-type version of tacos, so I wanted to make a more authentic Mexican version and compare the two.

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Homemade Salsa Recipe – Super easy and amazing salsa

Eating Tex Mex food is an absolute favorite in my family, and I am sure it goes for most families. There’s a huge variety of ingredients and toppings, and you can pick whatever you like and skip what you don’t like. But what is the quintessential condiment that you cannot miss in your Tex Mex dinner? Salsa, of course. This is my amazingly easy recipe for homemade salsa.

I created this salsa for my recipe for Texmex tacos, which you can find here. It’s a dual recipe for a Mexican street food taco and a Tex Mex taco. Which one is better?

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Granola Sourdough Bread – An easy recipe for muesli sourdough bread

Don’t you just love a bowl of plain yogurt with wonderful muesli or granola on top? Served with a good dollop of honey and an excellent V60 or Chemex cup of coffee. I love it too. So why not combine that with bread? That’s what I’ve done here, and to make it even better it’s even sourdough bread. This is my recipe for granola sourdough bread.

Muesli bread is a staple in Danish cuisine, but it’s more like a sweet or a dessert-like bread that you’d eat with a cup of tea in the afternoon. I wanted to take it in a different direction, so my bread is less sweet, has a much more flavorful crumb, and man, those toasted nuts and seeds are just a treat.

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Oatmeal Sourdough Bread Recipe – An easy and healthy bread

Oatmeal is a wonderful thing to eat. It’s creamy, warm, and add cinnamon sugar and a good knob of butter on top and you’re golden. Did you know that it’s also wonderful if you put it into bread? This is my recipe for oatmeal sourdough bread.

Oatmeal bread is a very American thing. Porridge was a great way to fill the stomach before going out into the fields and if some of it was leftover it was an obvious choice to not throw it out, but to add it to your bread when baking the daily bread.

Did I mention it’s also delicious?

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