Homemade bacon

Let us just agree: bacon is divine. When they talk about ambrosia in Greek mythology, I have always imagined the Gods eating bacon.

Here back on earth it can be used to spice up many things, as you can also see in many of my recipes: bacon jam, mushroom ravioli, sausage cabonara and chicken and mushroom pie. I could quite possibly be a bacon geek 😉

Here is my take on how you make a homemade bacon. It is so easy that you will wonder why you never made it at home before.

Various geek equipment can, of course, be used to make this. Like a vacuum sealer and a smoking oven. You can add something called prague powder #1 to protect against bacteria. If you are going to be smoking you will need some smoking chips (hickory of course), but if you think that sounds too complicated you can finish the bacon in the oven covering it in liquid smoke. It is actually surprisingly authentic.

It can all be done without specialist equipment and ingredients.

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Homemade sugar free blackcurrant jam

Just because you are diabetic does not mean you do not crave something sweet once in a while.

A generous scoop of homemade sugar free blackcurrant jam on top of your cheese sandwich is fortunately more or less guilt free. Berries do not have a lot of natural sugar (percentage wise) and if you sweeten your jam with a sweetener that does not affect your blood sugar, it is a great deal. It is also a great way for non-diabetics to keep down their sugar intake down.

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Mushroom ravioli with cheese sauce and pancetta

When you are playing around the kitchen you need your kitchen gadgets. The other day I was browsing Amazon and I found this ravioli stamp, so I decided I was going to make my own ravioli.

Regarding the filling there are so many options, but I absolutely love mushrooms, so I thought I would do a mixed mushroom filling. I got some of my favorite mushrooms: button mushrooms, chanterelle and oyster mushrooms. Use whatever mushrooms you find delicious.

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Heavenly bacon jam

Bacon jam. I know it sounds strange, but the combination of smoky, salty and sweet is extremely good. We already know it from here, at home, when we make american pancakes with maple syrup and crispy bacon.

But what do you use it for? Well, there at lots of things that get much better with “the bacon treatment” 😀

  • A good piece of bread with a great cheese and bacon jam on the top.
  • On a burger, smear one of the pieces of bun with bacon jam and that a bite of heaven.
  • Mix into your scrambled eggs for a turbo bacon/eggs dish.
  • Put it in your mince meat when you make meat balls or meat loaf.
  • Put in on any sandwich where you would otherwise put a slice of bacon.

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BBQ pork chop with sauteed black berries and twice baked potato

Something that always puts me in a summer mood is when it is warm enough to barbecue, and one of the things that is great for barbecuing is pork.

I created this dish for the 3rd round of madbloggerudfordringens. The savory part of the challenge had to contain three ingredients. Pork, berries and leafy green vegetables.

As spice for my chops I have used some classic spices as juniper berries, garlic and fresh rosemary. As a side I have made a twice baked potato, where the contents have been taken out and mixed with savoy cabbage and crisp pancetta and put back in the oven. The other side is black berries sauteed in balsamic vinegar og honey.

I hope you think it is an interesting dish. It tasted great 😀

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Homemade chili oil

Homemade chili oil is a great thing to have in your refrigerator. You can fry in it to give an extra punch, or pour it directly over your dish or salat if you need a bit of heat.

The best thing is that it does not take more than a couple of minutes to throw together, so what are you sitting there reading for? Get a pot and get started 😉

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