Sourdough Bread Scoring Tutorial – How to get perfect sourdough bread

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  1. Nina Hutchinson Reply

    Great information–I’ve bookmarked you site. I had to chuckle at one sentence which was probably a victim of auto-correct. When describing the tools used for scoring bread, it says:
    “The last thing that’s important is to be able to maneuver the dough around so you don’t have to score at weird angels.” (angles) Considering what is going on here in the U.S., we have way too many “weird angles” and don’t need any more! LOL!

  2. Linda Reply

    You website is very helpful so hoping you can answer my quetion. I always just the top of the boule before scoring,but it never stays on the loaf so there is no white flour left to show off the design. how much flour would you sprinkle over a boule. Do you ever spray it with water first. Thanks Linda

  3. Jean Reply

    Sune, Have you experimented with shortening the Stretch & Fold time. Someone suggested that 15 minutes vs. 30 Minutes was Sufficient, Your Thoughts?

  4. Thanks a lot! This is the best scoring tutorial I as a beginner have seen so far. To see both the drawing and the result is crucial. One thing I’d like to know, is how to make a narrower field in the middle in some of the patterns, like artistic score and leaf cut. Is there a way to control these and other lines that one might want narrower/thinner?

  5. Stacy Reply

    Thank you for this! It must have taken a while to put this together. I loved seeing the baked version to see what it looks like after.

    • Thank you. I did take some work, but I thought this was needed to help people get good results 🙂

  6. Kim Reply

    Thank you for the excellent tutorial. Where can I find the lame you used in the video?