Sourdough Crepes Recipe

Sourdough Crêpes Recipe | Easy fantastic pancakes

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  1. Trish Reply

    Was really good. Used my brothers home brew beer

  2. Barry Reply

    About how many crepes does this recipe make?

    • Depends on the size of your pan and how thin you make them, but about 16 on my pan 🙂

  3. Szabó Ádám Reply

    It seems that the bread calculator link is broken

  4. Michele Reply

    I’ve bookmarked this recipe. One of my favorite childhood meals was Danish pancakes and soup (usually lentil or split pea). My Danish dad always used ligonberry or current jelly – that’s what he grew up eating. I prefer apple butter. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Mari Garland Reply

    My starter is fed with home ground whole wheat flour. 250g is a lot of active sourdough starter. Can I use discard that I have saved from a few feedings? Also, will this recipe work since my batter would have so little all purpose flour (essentially 125g of whole wheat flour in the starter and 120g of all purpose flour in the batter). If buckwheat is traditional for savory crepes, maybe it would be ok? I definitely would make batter ahead and put in fridge overnight to let the starter break down the newly added flour.