Wonderfully Fluffy Sourdough Pancakes – A Simple And Delicious Recipe

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  1. Magnus Tveten Reply

    This will also make superb “vafler” (heart shaped waffles), I make vafler often for my family of 3, the little one seems to enjoy them with hazelnut soread, I use half this recipe and have a couple left over when we have berries or bacon with them 🙂

  2. Perrie Forehand Reply

    This sounds really good; I would be interested in a non-wheat flour version of this. Any suggestions?

    • Since gluten development isn’t a big thing in this recipe, I would assume you can substitute with any type of flour 🙂

  3. david Reply

    I’ve made these several times using different flours like kamut or all purpose and rye and they’re all great but my favourite thus far is spelt.a terrific recipe which is also flexible; much appreciated