Honey Oat Sourdough Bread | Simple daily bread

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  1. Ryan Reply

    The sourdough recipe says 300g of bread flour in one place and 350 in another

  2. Craig Sahlin Reply

    Thanks Sune for another great recipe and video – I will make it next, I’m well overdue to thank you for your guidance and inspiration over the past 18 months on all aspects of sourdough. With your help my sourdough craft has matured from total novice to the stage where the look, smell and feel of starter and/or dough tells me what I need to do without racing back to one of your videos or recipes.
    I also love and learn from the experiments and how your techniques (eg shaping) evolve and improve over time.
    Last night I bought the scoring T shirt as a small gesture of support and look forward to wearing it when I’m in the sourdough zone. I’ll keep an eye out for new merch as well.
    Once again thanks for the mentorship!

    • Thanks, Craig 🙂 That’s amazing to hear! And thank you for supporting me with the t-shirt as well. I hope you will wear it with pride 😀

  3. Can you retard the sandwich bread for more complex flavor?

    • Absolutely. Put it in earlier than when you would bake to account for the growth until it’s cooled down. Bake from cold 🙂

  4. Ryan Reply

    Thank you Sune this recipe is delicious! The load barely hit the counter before it was consumed. Are any modifications needed to make it a double batch other than doubling the ingredients?

  5. Michael Reply

    Hello Sune,
    I thank you so much for all your videos and experiments. You have been my go to reference for 2 years now on all things sourdough. I’m proud to say that as a result I’m making great bread several times a week! At this point have you completely skipped the stretch and folds for all recipes?

    • Not all, because I enjoy to do them, but they’re really not needed most of the time 🙂

  6. Heather Reply

    Wow. Everything seemed wrong. The dough was stiff and didn’t seem like it was going to work. I nearly didn’t bother baking it off. What I got was a sensational rise and a sensational flavour (probably a little underproofed cos it was late and I bunged it in the fridge after shaping). Such a lovely sandwich loaf. Highly recommended.

  7. PatrickT Reply

    Hi Sune – Just made the sourdough version of this recipe yesterday and it is simply fantastic. I doubled the honey, as you suggested, and am very glad I did. For me, the sweetness of the honey and the mild tang of the sourdough is the perfect combination. I also scaled the recipe to 500g flour weight and was pleased with the loaf size. Beautiful flavor, crust and crumb. Thanks for sharing this! And PS – I never could get that apple starter to work for me, but I remain undaunted. 😀 Going to try some different organic apples at some point and see if I can get it to work. I’ll keep you posted! Cheers.

  8. Peggy Reply

    about how long does it take for the final rise?

    • Which of the two recipes are we talking about? 🙂

  9. Ruth Reply

    The directions seem to be for a pullman pan. What size should I use if I don’t have one, and is baking it covered absolutely required? I have a 9”x5” and a 10”x5” loaf pan.

    • I’ve added my pan’s measurements to the recipe. If you then change it to yours, the recipe will be scaled accordingly 🙂

  10. Siri Reply

    5 stars
    I made the sou9rdough version and it is truly amazing – perfumed with honey and with a delicious crumb, at the same time light and fluffy and almost dense like a cake. I loved it. Bravo!

  11. Frank Reply

    5 stars
    Can you give the dimensions of the Pullman pan ? I’m in England and we don’t have them here but I’m sure I could make something similar if I knew the size ?

    Very good post and video

    • About 23×10. If you follow the link in the recipe, I’ve linked the actual pullman pan on amazon.co.uk 🙂