einkorn sourdough bread recipe

Einkorn sourdough bread recipe | Amazing ancient grain bread

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  1. Patrick T Reply

    Hi Sune – Definitely going to give this a try! Looks delicious. Quick random question for you. For uniformly slicing your bread, I assume you use some sort of guide? Do you have a recommendation? Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • I use a deli meat slicer 🙂 It’s easy and super fast 😀

      • Patrick T Reply

        Cheater! 🤣

    • Patrick T Reply

      Just baked a loaf of this – looks wonderful! Will post a pic to Instagram and tag you. Thanks for another great recipe, Sune!

  2. Doug T Reply

    I use a deli meat slicer too! I got tired of uneven slices.

  3. Warren G Byler Reply

    When you put dough in refrigerator are you covering with tea cloth or plastic wrap?

  4. Ashley Reply

    Did you use your normal starter or did you transition it to 30% einkorn first? Thank you!