Sourdough bread with cheddar and spices – Amazing bread for food

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  2. Feriale Reply

    Hello from Lebanon,
    Can we refrigerate the bread in banneton overnight and bake it the next day ?
    Thank you

  3. Sheri Nix Reply

    Can it be baked in a dutch oven? I don’t have a baking steel.

  4. Sarah Dunetz Reply

    Is there a reason you don’t retard this dough when it seems like most of your others you do? Or just a matter of cutting down necessary time for this?

  5. Marko Belosevic Reply

    Hi, Sune! I’m gonna try to bake this bread tomorrow and I have a question. Is there a specific reason for using that much levain? It turns out to be 50%, and most recipes call for 10-30%, you even did a video on different innoculation levels yourself. 🙂

  6. Lidbanger Reply

    Hey! At what point is the 200g cheddar added to the dough?

    • During the second set of stretch and folds, as described under “Bulk fermentation” 🙂

  7. Adam Judd Reply

    Hi… love your recipes! For the cheese bread can I retard dough in bannetons in the fridge for 15-16 hours so I can back after lunch the next day? Trying to avoid an early start and serve fresh for early evening?

  8. Sari Reply

    Do you keep this in refrigerator (because of cheese)?

  9. Sharon Reply

    Why is this process different from normal sourdough? Can I use the normal sourdough process and add the cheese and knead till window pane?

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  12. Diane Amero Reply

    Can you make this using a KitchenAid? Mixing doughs by hand exacerbates a skin condition on my hands and using gloves is just frustrating when the dough is wet and shaggy. Thank you!
    Also, is it possible to add sun dried tomatoes to this bread? Looking forward to your response.🙂