Chocolate Sourdough Bread recipe – Terrific bread that’s pure joy

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  1. fiorella marca Reply

    Hello, I loved your blog, a query I want to replace in this recipe the mother dough with poolish. Would you make 25g of flour plus 25 grams of water and fresh yeast? How much should you let the poolish rest? Would you follow the same recipe procedure, right? Thank you.

  2. John Reply

    You need to adjust the starter formula to match the starter in the recipe, as it is very confusing due to different starter weight in the formula vs recipe.

    • Well, that or explain how much to be used 🙂 I updated the recipe. Thanks 🙂

  3. John Reply

    So now, the recipe mismatch the video… and also the print button does not work.

  4. Hala Reply

    Thank you so much for saving me through my initial failed sourdough bread trials.
    Your recipes and techniques helped me succeed.
    Today i baked the chocolate hazelnut sourdough bread
    The area under the ear exploded. What does that mean.
    Is this over proofed !?

    Can I share a photo. !?

    • Is it a giant big hole under the crust? Then it is probably under proofed.

      Send me a mail from the contact form and I will reply back and you can send the image.

  5. Karen Reply

    Hi Sune, I want to bake this bread with rye or regular bread flour, do you think I can replace it? Thanks

  6. Steven Dallas Thompson Reply

    Can I substitute another flour for spelt? I have Almond, Rice, and Sorghum flours at hand, but no spelt.

  7. Jo Reply

    Hi Sune, thanks for the recipe. I have one in the over right now! Do you check internal temps? If so, what do you aim for with this loaf?

    I had to modify the recipe due to deciding to start the process at 9pm… so I did bulk fermented for only 2-3 hours at around 20C, then put it in the fridge for 8 hours. Then got it out, let it warm up for an hour, preshaped, rest, shaped, proofed for another hour. Into the oven (was still cool internally, but finger poke seemed good). So far has had great oven spring, so I’m looking forward to seeing the inside!

    • For crusty sourdough bread I will usually go for 99C/210F 🙂

  8. Jamie Reply

    Does honey affect the hydration of the dough?

    • It’s not part of the hydration, but as anything you add, it can affect the perceived hydration 🙂

  9. David Reply

    Could you use normal cocoa powder instead of dutch processed cocoa powder? If so, should recipe be adjusted for it?

  10. shruti Reply

    there is a missmatch in the video and written recipe. you mention 50 gms for levian, in recipe its 38gms – for the flour

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  13. Tony Humrichouser Reply

    I have learned so much from you! I made a variation of the chocolate bread made with a poolish but it won’t let me post a picture:)

  14. Colleen Reply

    Hi Sune, I love bread (and butter☺️), and I’m trying to work it into the diet, but I noticed the nutritional info box for your various breads always says 1 bread, but then the info above the nutritional info box says serving size 2 breads🤔 Just checking if I need to divide the nutritional info by 2. Thanks!

  15. Elyse Reply

    Looks delicious. How wet should the dough be?

  16. Nigel Allison Reply

    Hi Sune, just made this bread and it turned out amazing, thank you for you videos and recipes. Just a couple of points for other people – I omitted the autolyse stage, just put in the additions during thee first set of stretch and folds and I used wholemeal wheat flour rather than spelt, which I didn’t have. The proving was quite slow, possibly because it’s a pretty stiff dough, possibly because of the inclusions and I think mine was probably under proofed. But still delicious!

  17. Carolyn Henninger Reply

    I’ve used many of your sourdough bread recipes. The seeded and the jalapeno cheddar are my favorites. I’m midway through making the chocolate sourdough. I have found that my dough usually seems drier than yours during stretch and fold phase in most recipes. Is this likely a difference in our flours? Or is it my mixing technique that is lacking?

  18. Rory Bernstein Reply

    What kind of chocolate do I use if I don’t have your homemade chocolate? I am not familiar with the moscovado chocolate that your recipe asks for.