Cheddar/Jalapeño Sourdough Bread | It’s a hot and creamy recipe

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  1. Jessica Meraz Reply

    Love, Love, Love

  2. Nitin R Reply

    Hi Sune, is it possible to use fresh Jalepenos instead of pickled? Planning to try this tomorrow! Love your work!

    • Absolutely. I just didn’t have any, and for some reason they are pretty hard to get here in Denmark 🙂

  3. Emily L Reply

    Is there any reason i couldn’t make this a boule instead of a Batard? I don’t yet have a suitable banneton for Batards.

  4. Konrad Reply

    I’ve made it today but with mixing in cheddar, jalapeno and olives to your ‘world easiest’ recipe. It’s amazing, thanks.

    • That works too 😀 Sounds like a wonderful bread 🙂

  5. Larry Reply

    Made this yesterday. It is amazong! Family devoured it.Thanks, Sune!

  6. Kostas Reply

    HI, this looks delicious. Is there any reason you did not make a levain for this bread, and just used starter instead? Would it turn out differently if I followed the foundation of your other recipes that call for a levain? Thank you!

  7. mvadu Reply

    Just stating with this.. No pickle and chives.. May be shallot and olives..

    Any reason why you don’t have autolyse step in this recipe? 🤔

  8. Becky K Reply

    Delicious! I used the lamination method (a la Full Proof Baking) to add the goodies (diced small), but other than that followed recipe as written, scaled in half for a single boule. We finished the whole loaf in record time. I always keep cheddar and pickled jalapenos on hand, so will definitely be coming back to this recipe again. Thanks!

  9. Paul McGurk Reply

    Hi Sune
    I’ve made this recipe on numerous occasions and on each I bake it in a loaf tin and it turns out to be delicious tasting bread.
    However, I can’t seem to get the consistency of the dough that you do in your video. I’ve double checked the recipe for ingredient quantities, the Sourdough starter has risen by at least 2X, the Starter ingredients are Allinson White bread flour with 10% rye.
    On my most recent attempt I did 8 stretch and folds per cycle for 7 cycles as an experiment, it made some difference but it was still too liquidy (it has a wobble in the pan like jelly). The shape seems to collapse and spread quickly during shaping. Because of this I don’t think it would hold its shape if I tried to cook it as a boule.
    What can I do to improve it?
    Many thanks

  10. Paul McGurk Reply

    Hi Dune
    I have made this recipe on numerous occasions, on each, I bake it in a bread tin. The resultant bread is delicious. However I can’t seem to get the consistency of the dough that you get in your video. I’ve double checked the recipe and on the most recent attempt I did 8 stretch and folds per cycle for 7 cycles as an experiment to see if I could build more strength into the dough but even then I’m not sure it passed the window pane test as it rips beyond a certain amount of stretch. It has a wobble like jelly when in the loaf pan. The shape seems to collapse quite quickly after shaping this is why it would fail if I cooked it as a boule.
    I’m using Allinson white bread flour. The starter is 10% rye and 90% white bread flour., it achieves a minimum of 2x rise before I mix it with the other ingredients.
    Could you please suggest how I can fix this?
    Many thanks for any assistance

  11. Livia Silva Reply

    Hi! I baked this bread yesterday, it is delicious, the only thing is that it looks sort of raw near to the places where the cheese is. Could this be because of the fat of the cheese? Or should I bake it longer?

  12. Jill Kenniston Reply

    What size batard do you use for this bread? and can you use it for your bigger loafs? I have a 9inch but it looks too small Thanks 🙂

  13. Carol Vartanian Reply

    I love your recipes and video instruction. How do I downsize your sourdough olive recipe to make small boules?

  14. Nina Reply

    Hi Sune. I just started watching your videos to learn more on improving my sourdough techniques and want to tell you that I enjoy all your experiments and videos. I made your Jalapeño cheddar recipe today and it turned out perfectly and is so delicious. Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes and posts! It has helped me on my sourdough journey! Absolutely delicious!

  15. Viktoria Peterson Reply

    Really wonderful results! The second time I used roasted tomatoes and Herbes de Provence instead.
    Your videos and work are the best! Tack sa mycket!

  16. Stephanie Reply

    I’m preparing this bread right now but I don’t have time to monitor the bulk fermentation at room temperature. It’s been fermenting for around 4 hours at 21 degrees Celsius but hasn’t increased by 25%. Can I continue the bulk fermentation in the fridge? If so, then approx. for how long? Thanks in advance. Stephanie

  17. Chilli me Reply

    5 stars
    Made this amazing bread many time, this time I’m running out of time, can I pop it in the fridge after the final stretch and fold and shape in the morning? Thanks a gain Sune, love your recipes.

    • No, but you can put it in the fridge and finish fermenting tomorrow. Just put your fermentation container in the fridge.