Cheddar/Jalapeño Sourdough Bread | It’s a hot and creamy recipe

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  1. Jessica Meraz Reply

    Love, Love, Love

  2. Nitin R Reply

    Hi Sune, is it possible to use fresh Jalepenos instead of pickled? Planning to try this tomorrow! Love your work!

    • Absolutely. I just didn’t have any, and for some reason they are pretty hard to get here in Denmark 🙂

  3. Emily L Reply

    Is there any reason i couldn’t make this a boule instead of a Batard? I don’t yet have a suitable banneton for Batards.

  4. Konrad Reply

    I’ve made it today but with mixing in cheddar, jalapeno and olives to your ‘world easiest’ recipe. It’s amazing, thanks.

    • That works too 😀 Sounds like a wonderful bread 🙂

  5. Larry Reply

    Made this yesterday. It is amazong! Family devoured it.Thanks, Sune!

  6. Nina Reply

    Hi Sune. I just started watching your videos to learn more on improving my sourdough techniques and want to tell you that I enjoy all your experiments and videos. I made your Jalapeño cheddar recipe today and it turned out perfectly and is so delicious. Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes and posts! It has helped me on my sourdough journey! Absolutely delicious!