Sourdough Tiger Bread Rolls Recipe – Amazing Crunchy Rolls

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  1. Janine Hoffart Reply

    I’m wondering what you might suggest as an egg and milk replacer as I am vegan?

  2. Dibyanshu Sekhar Reply

    Thanks a lot for you effort, have learnt a lot from your videos. Can I substitute olive oil for flavour instead of toasted sesame oil since I am not about to find it now In the market?

    • You can. It’s just a very different taste profile, but it sounds delicious 🙂

  3. Chlo Reply

    hello, I just wanted to ask how you would go about shaping the dough if you chose to make a loaf as opposed to rolls. PS, I loved the video, it made this recipe seem much less daunting!

  4. Anita Lee Reply

    For topping, can I store the leftover in the fridge for next time ? I would only use 350g bread flour for this bread, but want to follow the exact ingredients of your topping. I like that you use oil instead of butter, especially sesame oil, it does bring up the flavor. Thank you.

    • I wouldn’t keep the topping unless you are baking close to when you made it. Maybe a few days in the fridge. 🙂

  5. Kevin Leighton Reply

    Sune, so glad to have found your website! Tried these today, they cooked fine but the crust split before the rice topping formed, any ideas what this may have happened?

  6. Mamta Reply

    Hey Sune, my journey with sourdough under the guidance of you Master going very smooth! I really love your passion and understanding about baking, specially in sourdough!!! I am pretty excited to make your tiger bun roll recipe using sourdough but I am allergic to eggs,what should I use to replace egg in this recipe.
    Thank you.God bless you…

  7. Ken Reply

    I want to make this recipe, but I’m vegan. Do you think organic Soy Milk would have to be scalded as well?

  8. Matt Hollingworth Reply

    How long should the bakes rolls rest to cool before eating?

  9. Heather Huffman Reply

    Just pulled these out of the oven! OMG!!!!! They look and smell divine! Thanks for such a easy and concise recipe!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  10. Claire Reply

    What purpose are the eggs in here for? is it binding, leavening or flavour? This will help me work out what to substitute it for? Thanks in advance

  11. Alex Reply

    Can I shape the dough straight after the bulk and leave them in the fridge over night, then just prove them for the hour and half in the morning?

  12. Why do you heat the milk and the cool it? Why not just use room temperature milk?

    • Well, conventional wisdom says that milk can prevent certain things to happen. Like gluten development.

      But this only goes for unpasteurized milk, so just skip that step and use milk directly.

  13. Ajoe Reply

    Topping not cracking? 20-25mins at 425*

  14. Barbara Reply

    Interesting that you reroll the rolls a second time. Does that help give them a rounder shape and not flatten out? I have been baking sourdough sandwich buns for several years and have never seen that suggestion before. I normally use a bun pan for the rolls, but with the topping I can’t do that.

    • It helps them retain their shape better, but depending on the flour you use, it might not be as important. I try to cover all the bases though 🙂

  15. Denise J Ragozzino Reply

    There is no recipe on the internet for a Sourdough Dutch crunch LOAF or Boule so I used your recipe and baked the boule at 450oF 20 m in and then reduced the temp to 400oF and removed the lid for another 25 minutes. Perfect! The extra steps with the milk and levain were worth the effort. Thank you! Denise

  16. Linda Reply

    Love this recipe! I have not had this bread since I was a little girl in Minnesota. There was a Dutch bakery down the street from our home and they had the most delicious bread, this is the closest I have found to that bread I remember – and I am 64! Thanks for posting. I am making this recipe for guests tonight. They turned out beautifully!