Sourdough Banana Bread Recipe | Wonderful cake with ripe bananas

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  1. dawn Reply

    I made this down to the T and the texture was nice but it wasn’t sweet enough. Next time I would add either more brown sugar or a couple of tablespoons of granulated sugar.

    • Taste is different. Brown sugar is delicious. Those were the words 😉

  2. Cbarham Reply

    I love this recipe. Not too sweet and love the texture. But, curious on the Calories?? is that a typo? For Whole loaf?

  3. Eric Orr Reply

    I had to hunt for a recipe that used weight instead of volume. I’ve used this recipe several times over about three months with great success. I’ve made a few small changes, by adding some cinnamon to the flour, and using pecans instead of walnuts. I also substitute half of the nuts for approximately 150% more dark chocolate chips.
    About the same time I first used this recipe, I found the food geek channel on youtube, and subscribed. I only just today did I notice that this was Sune’s website! What a great resource for information!

    • Thank you <3

      More chocolate almost always mean more delicious 😀

  4. Kevin Reply

    Great recipe. Just made it. I added some chocolate chips and used avocado oil in the place of olive oil. Not to sweet. A good balance. My starter was fed with W.W and I used A.P for the remainder. I also used almonds in the place of walnuts. My wife and daughter enjoyed. Well done Sir.

  5. Sandra Reply

    Hi there Sune. I’m just asking about the baking soda. At 27 seconds in, you say there’s no baking soda, yet the written recipe clearly includes it. Is there much of a reason to include or exclude it?

    • It’s an error on my part. I had convinced myself it didn’t have any chemical leavening when I made the “talking head” part. Obviously it’s wrong 🙂

  6. Christin Hopkins Reply

    Have made a few times now – really, really delicious!

  7. Dovile Reply

    Amazing. Baked this as an experiment (never used sourdough for sweet bake before) and everyone loved this bread: smell, taste, texture.. mmm… best banana bread recipe! Thank you!

  8. I just took this loaf out of the oven; it looks exactly like yours, Sune! It smells wonderful and the family can’t wait for it to cool a little bit and slice it up. I threw in a handful of blueberries that needed to be used today. Thank you, Sune and Maurizio at The Perfect Loaf!

  9. Lillian BORG Reply

    Hi can i use disregard sourdough starter for this receipe ..Thanks Sune

  10. Eric Reply

    Wonderful recipe, I’ve been making it for years. When I’m short of bananas, I make up the difference with apple sauce. Tonight I am also out of apple sauce, so I’m using pears. A peeled Cavendish banana weighs about 100 grams, and I had four bananas for a double batch. I mashed 200 grams of canned (tinned) pears to add to the 400 grams of bananas. Two loaves are in the oven!

    • Thank you 😀

      Those are some great tips. Pear bread sounds awesome <3

  11. Julie Reply

    Hi! I want to make this loaf but don’t know if it has to be active starter? Can I use sourdough starter discard for the recipe? My sourdough starter has been sitting in the fridge for a week and I want to start it up again for a sourdough loaf but not sure what to do with the discard.

    • Yes, discard is fine. I’ve updated the recipe 🙂

  12. Lisa Reply

    Made this and it was amazing! I used sucanat (less processed form of sugar with caramel vs molasses overtones) & veganized it using plant butter, Just Egg and golden syrup (instead of honey). I read the reviews and did add a bit more sugar. It is a keeper recipe and I will definitely try to have ripe bananas on hand when I (remember) to feed my sourdough! Thank you!