Blueberry Swirl Sourdough Brioche Bread Recipe – Easy way to make sourdough brioche

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  1. Raynee Reply

    Thanks for the recipe! I’m trying this (without the jam) and am currently waiting for my loaf to finish the final proof. About how long should the bulk ferment take? What about the final proof? Thanks in advance!

    • It depends on a lot of factors, so go by it growing to the correct size. Bulk can be anywhere from 2 to 8 hours 🙂

  2. Ioan Reply

    How did you incorporate the butter by “massaging “ it into an already formed gluten network?
    I managed only 250 g into a 900 g flour recipe…
    It starts to melt if you don’t want to get pockets of butter inside.

    • Have a look at how I do it in the video. It’s one of those things that are hard to put into words 🙂

  3. Randy Goldberg Reply

    The blueberry jam says 3tsp of cornstarch in the ingredient list, but 3tbsp in the instruction text. Which is correct, please?

  4. DrRandy Reply

    I used my stand mixer to work in the butter. I may have overkneaded it – by the time all the butter was in, it had more of the texture of cake batter than bread dough. We’ll see how it rises.

    • While working it in by hand is a lot of work, you can never overwork the dough 🙂 I hope it turns out.