Sourdough Pretzels recipe | Amazing and authentic awesome pretzels

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  1. Rina Jurceka Reply

    Sune, do you remember our FB convo on sourdough pretzel nuggets? We made them this weekend following your recipe almost exactly. They were amazing. People at the super bowl party loved them. They were about 2 bites a piece and took about 16 minutes to bake at 450. Longer than I thought they would but that’s when they got the lovely crust. There’s a pic on FB. The hardest part was kneading the low hydration dough – that was work. My husband learned to knead because it took 2 of us. So seriously amazing results – in a city that takes it’s pretzels seriously.

  2. GP Reply

    We made these pretzels and they were amazing. I didn’t have lye, but used the baking soda bath, brushed on egg whites then salted. The flavor and texture was so delicious and everyone loved them. Thanks!

  3. Greg Reply

    Thanks for your hard work sharing this recipe! About the baking soda, I agree the boiled baking soda bath is not very good. However, there is another baking soda method that actually works very well. You bake the baking soda in the oven at 250-300f for one hour. This process converts the baking soda to sodium carbonate which is much more alkaline than baking soda. I used this method and mixed 100g of baked baking soda with 2 cups of room temp water and soaked the pretzels for 3 minutes in the solution. They came out with a nice dark brown and crispy crust with a soft interior. The next day I tried again with my left over baked baking soda and had the same success mixing 43g with 1.5 cups room temp water.

    • Yes, I heard that after publishing the recipe. I’ve meant to try it myself, but I’ve been busy with many other projects 🙂

  4. Tony Nalagan, Esq. Reply

    Love your website and YouTube channel. Really enjoyed the live stream with The Bread Code guy, Hendrik. I will definitely try this recipe as soon as I acquire some food grade lye. I hate to be critical, but I sense you are a bit of a perfectionist. ROR programmers tend to be. Lastly in the subsection “Dough”, second paragraph, second sentence, it reads “This is what it called a dry dough.” I think you meant to say “This is WHY IT’S called a dry dough.” (emphasis mine)

    • Thanks for the praise.

      It was supposed to say “This is what is called a dry dough”, which it does not. Thanks for your bug report 😉

  5. Ken Reply

    5 stars
    This is an awesome recipe that I’ve used many times and we always love them. When I store them all of the salt “melts,” I imagine that’s a reaction between the lye and the salt maybe? How should they be stored to avoid this?