Sourdough Babka Recipe | A gorgeous and simple sweet bread

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  1. Joy Reply

    Just made it today. Very delicious – not too sweet and perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Thanks for all your great recipes and instructions!

  2. ahavaworkers Reply

    how long does the firs pfoot takes?

    it’s been about 5 hours now and it didn’t rise at all.

    the same sourdough starter was used for bread at the same time and it rose.

    thank you – it’s a great site.

    • Enriched doughs can be finicky. Be sure to rise in a warm environment.

  3. ruthie weinstock Reply

    Hi, I really enjoy watching you do all the experiments, I often wondered about , thank you so much!!
    What can I use as a substitute for the butter and milk in this recipe, the chocolate babka?
    Thanks again, have a wonderful Day!
    Ruthie Weinstock

  4. Maggie Reply

    Looks lovely. I couldn’t quite tell what size loaf pan that was in your video. I have a 9 x 5 inch. Would you recommend any upscaling in my case? Thanks!

    • It’s a 9×4 that I am using. You can use the converter in the recipe to scale to your pan.