Jewish Sourdough Rye Recipe | The wonderful bread known from NYC

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  1. Marti Reply

    Where did you find barley malt syrup? I’m in Sweden. I have made a comparable recipe but used Brödsirap. Bought wheat malt powder and used that also, good flavor with that as well.

  2. Chris Reply

    I love the flavour of rye; I started to make sourdough bread (Jan 2020) so that I could make rye loaves. I am using @elainefoodbod ‘s process (overnight fermentation), so I’ll attempt this recipe (downsized using your excellent calculator), reducing the inoculation to 10%. Malt syrup is easy to find in UK.


  3. Cecilia Reply

    Can I bake this bread in a loaf pan ( with a cover) but not preheated? Thanks for all the great info and instructive videos.

    • I’m sure it’d be fine, but I wouldn’t know how long you should bake it 🙂

  4. Mary Ann Boehm Reply

    I’m just wondering why there isn’t a second proof when it comes out of the fridge? Wouldn’t that help it to be a lighter crumb?

  5. jayne DOUGHERTY Reply

    Is the malt syrup necessary as I can’t find it

    • You can certainly make the bread without it, but it will miss that “certain something” 🙂

  6. Margie J Hodges Reply

    I made this yesterday and it turned out great! I didn’t have the barely malt syrup so I used honey. I’ll pick some up. But everyone loved it! Thanks for a great recipe!

  7. Rose Almeida Reply

    Hello and good night!
    My name is Rose, I’m Brazilian and I love making sourdough bread.
    Today I discovered your youtube channel and your website, I confess that I was delighted with the content and I wrote down several recipes that I want to make.
    I could see that in several recipes, at least the ones I saw, you put the baker percentage, but in some of them the quantities don’t match, such as the Jewish Sourdough Rye Recipe, the quantities don’t match the percentages, sorry me for sending this kind of message around here.
    I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your Youtube channel and the website, they are wonderful and with spectacular recipes.
    Have a nice week.
    Hugs from Brazil.

    • Hello Rose,

      Sorry for the late reply. For some reason your message ended in a spam box.

      Thank you for you kind words. Can you please point out where the percentages don’t match? I’ve checked it through and as far as I can tell it’s correct.



    • In the baker’s percentages, I don’t include the flour and water from the starter, which would make the percentages very confusing in my opinion.

      Otherwise, please be more specific.

  8. Chris Sheridan Reply

    Wait, where is the starter recipe?

  9. Stefanos Bert Reply

    This has been a great experience – first time I baked this bread and it was superb! Thanks, for the recipe and your guide thru. I will share the pic to FB at ANK mixer fans group.

  10. Steve Reply

    Hello Sune. Nice and straightforward video, congratulation. One question. How do you know, that the bread from the fridge is OK to bake? The 8 – 48 hours is a bit long time frame.Thank you

    • It’s ready between 8 to 48 hours. Bake at any time at your convenience 🙂

  11. Anne Mette Neland Reply

    Hej Dune, som Rose siger er der fejl i bagerprocenternr. Det er dem alle, da du har glemt at indregne vand og mel fra surdejen i det samlede regnestykke. Således finder jeg at din hydrering er 70% ikke 67.

    • Det er ikke forkert. Vandet er “tilføjet vand” og surdejen står som sin egen ingrediens. Hvis du kigger under vitals er hydreringen opgivet til 70% 🙂

  12. Chris Hawksley Reply

    This bread is on my shortlist of breads that I routinely bake, and particularly when other people will be eating it as it always goes very quickly. I use 30% whole grain dark rye (pumpernickel) in place of the 35% blend with lighter rye and it turns out great. Thank you Sune for the recipe.

  13. Nette Worthey Reply

    hi sune! thanks for the fabulous recipe. it worked great for sandwiches with our home-cured pastrami 😋. have you published baker’s percentages for this, or would you? I would love to increase the volume a bit. I know I can do it as well, but thought I’d ask. love your work!

  14. Charlie Reply

    Can I ask why only 25% rise?

  15. AnnL Reply

    This bread is out of this world. I had to made a couple of small substitutions using stuff I had on hand. Buckwheat flour for the 80g dark rye and malt made from oatmeal stout and brown sugar. So the recipe is adaptable. But it is so so so so good and will be perfect for post-Thanksgiving sandwiches. Thank you!.

  16. Jocelyn Wilson Reply

    5 stars
    This bread met all of my expectations. Fantastic crumb for a rye bread and amazing flavor. I always have barley malt syrup in the fridge for making bagels, and it really does make the bread. In the past, I’ve used molasses in rye breads. But the barley malt really enhances the flavor. I will be baking this recipe again, thanks for including it.

  17. Bob Reply

    5 stars
    This is a great recipe! The splinter that I make from my starter for “normal” sourdough had whole wheat flour in it, but after a few bakes with this recipe, I substituted dark rye flour for the whole wheat in the starter, and it gave the bread another flavor kick. Great recipe, great videos and I look forward to more of them!

  18. Adrian Reply

    5 stars
    Really great recipe and explanation, thank you Sune! I didn’t have light rye so use all dark rye instead, the first time I found the dough very stiff so my next two bakes I increased the hydration to 75%. I would still like to get a more open crumb if possible, would the best first step be just a matter of increasing the hydration a few more % points?

  19. Debra Reply

    5 stars
    I followed the recipe and did my best hoping that, through it all, I would have a delicious Sourdough Rye Bread to go with my corned beef dinner tonight. It was a success! My husband said this was the best tasting Rye bread he has had in a long time. It complimented the corned beef perfectly. I didn’t have Malt Syrup, so I made the recipe for “beer” syrup, and used 3 tsp in the recipe. I can understand not using any more than that, as it would cause the Rye bread to be too sweet. Half of one loaf is gone, and the other loaf I can freeze. Good recipe to keep.

  20. Francine Tepper Reply

    5 stars
    I make this recipe every week or so now, and it brings me home to NYC. I only have dark rye flour in my area, so I use 670g bread flour and 130g of the dark rye flour to get the flavor and look, I want. Also, my oven is very touchy, so I start and stay at 450F for 25 minutes, then simply remove the dutch oven lid, and continue baking at 450F for 20-25 minutes, till I reach an internal temp of 200F on my loaves. The bread has come out great every tiime, Thank you so much for this recipe!