Sourdough Spelt Loaf Recipe – Simple and healthy bread

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  1. Mikael Reply

    Looks awesome and I will try it tomorrow 🙂

  2. Anna Reply

    I can’t wait to try this! What are the dimensions of your medium pullman pan? I only see small and large sizes at the link. Thanks!

  3. Mateusz Reply

    Best spelt sourdough bread recipe! Thank you!

  4. Toby Reply

    Thanks so much for providing such a simple and usable recipe. My new favourite bread to bake and eat! The 70% tip for sifted spelt was a key to success.

  5. Indre Reply

    Sune, you seem such a nice guy! Thanks for the recipe! Off to the kitchen I go to check my starter and bake some bread! Tusen tack!

  6. Roger Hudson Reply

    Thanks for the video. When I made the bread, I put the dough in a plastic container for the bulk fermentation, like in video, and waited for it to grow to between 50 and 100 percent. After 4 hours it was only about 30 percent. Still baked ok. However how long do you suggest it should be left in the container at this stage? Thanks

    • As long as it takes to get it to 50% at least. You may want to store the dough somewhere warmer to speed up this time.

  7. faigy Reply

    Tried the recipe today and my loaf way overflowed in the oven! Any idea where I went wrong?

      • Faigy Reply

        Hey Sune! It was an OXO glass loaf pan, 1.6qts. This was actually the 2nd or so sourdough that I ever made! Things have gotten better than that attempt- but was weird is that it rose really high out of the pan, and then drooped and folded over 1 side of the pan… Hasn’t happened ever again…

        I’m a bit confused about the Spelt and hydration- I’ve been baking almost exclusively with Spelt flours, either whole or white. In my doughs, the white spelt can take a lot more liquid, but the whole spelt needs a lot less or it gets overly sticky.

  8. Rhona Sox Reply

    “ You can choose to do a warm final proof described in the rest of this section, or you can proof it cold for at least 8 hours but up to 48 hours.” Where is this warm final proof described?

  9. I tried a cambro for first time with this recipe but it stuck really badly when I tried to get it out. I only did 72% hydration because they grind the spelt flour here in the U.S. very fine and it was too sticky on my first try (without cambro). Was I supposed to grease the box first? Four hours bulk in proofer 90% increase in volume.

    The dough shredded when I was trying to get it out. I’m cold proofing overnight and will see how it comes out tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Fine-spelt flour tends to become very sticky, so that’s why I am using coarse-ground flour. If you make it again, you may have to go even lower in hydration.

      I’ve started spraying my Cambros with baking spray, which helps it release quickly.

  10. What are the dimensions of your pan in cm?
    Thank you.

  11. Kylie Kay Reply

    Hey Sune, is it absolutely essential to bake this loaf in a pan?

    • It really depends on how slack the dough is. If it’s nice and firm, go for a free-standing loaf 🙂

  12. 5 stars
    I have made this loaf weekly for over 2 years and still find it one of the best.
    Have played with mixing in some different flours (breadfruit, quinoa, etc) and they work nicely.
    Over night cold proofing seems to be best and the end result is a crusty load with a nice chewy interior.
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Krista McKeague Reply

    5 stars
    This is absolutely the best recipe for 100% spelt. I used your process from another recipe and made a levain overnight, and did an autolyse before adding in the levain and then salt 30 min later. I don’t know if it makes a difference, I’m just used to that method. I only got about 30% on the bulk rise, but the bread turned out perfect!! I’ve been having a problem with over-proofing and getting no oven rise, so I was so happy that this turned out so well. By the way, I did 75% hydration with very finely ground (sifted?) spelt and it was fine, not too sticky. Thank you so much for your great videos and instructions!