Crusty Sourdough Rolls recipe | An easy and delicious breakfast

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  1. Danielle Roberts Reply

    Hi Sune, would you use your Challenger Bread Pan in 2 batches here instead of a boiling water tray or do you think the rolls wont give off enough steam?

    • If your oven isn’t sealed well enough to steam using a pan, I think baking inside the Challenger is a very good idea 🙂

  2. Heather Reply

    This really doesn’t work – need to stretch and fold the dough to build up gluten.

    • It works just fine. You can look at the resulting rolls 🙂

  3. Amanda Reply

    What a great recipe, Sune! I made it once and it came out perfectly. I currently am making another batch, my dough doubled because I forgot about it. It’s currently in the fridge as I don’t plan on baking until another 24hrs. Will my end result be compromised because of the dough doubling 😩?

    • Since it’s for rolls and oven spring isn’t need as much in a bread, I think it should be fine. Let me know 🙂

  4. Rebecca Manies Reply

    Hi there I’m almost putting them in the oven just have a quick question- do I spray the rolls with the hot water even if I’m not seeding them? I’d like to keep them plain ..

    • You do not need to spray, if not using seeds on top 🙂

      The water should be room temperature though 🙂

  5. Toni Reply

    Hi Sune, looks like an amazing and simple (YES!) sourdough recipe – excited to try it.
    As you are Danish and I am living in Denmark, what local bread flour are you using, or do you always order it online?
    I am sometimes struggling to find the right flours, the indicator I am using is mostly the share of protein. Do you have any tips?

    • The best bread flour that I’ve tried is from Kornby Mølle. I will mainly use Caputo Manitoba Oro, which is an Italian flour. Still, it’s the one that resembles American bread flour the most, and the vast majority of my readers and viewers are from the States.

  6. JNB Reply

    Hi. Do you use Caputo Manitoba Oro for just these rolls or is it good for sourdough loafs as well? Thanks.

    • I use it for sourdough bread too. It’s really great flour 🙂

  7. Vivianne Reply

    Good day Sune, cannot thank you enough for your wonderful recipes, your 100% rye bread is terrific and now these crusty rolls are absolutely wonderful. Many thanks.

  8. Linda Lawson Reply

    I apologize if this is a stupid question, but do you put the baking steel on the shelf that you are baking the rolls on, or on the bottom of the oven? Common sense tells me on the shelf for baking, but as my kids tell me, I don’t have a lot of it!

    • In the middle of the oven and bake directly on the steel 🙂

  9. Sherri Reply

    Can these be made in advance and frozen?

    • Yes, put the sheet in the freezer. When they’re frozen through, put them in a ziplock bag. When you want to back, let them thaw in the fridge and bake them like in the recipe. You can absolutely bake straight from the freezer, but you have to free-style the time in the oven.

  10. John Reply

    Hi Sune, I followed you recipe as best as I could using 20% dark rye flour. Quantities to the g except water at 345 g which gave a nice looking dough. Kitchen was at 18C so not much rising in 4 hours. I moved bulking container to cupboard above fridge (20.8C) and rose to just over 25% in a further 3.5 hours. Wanted a slightly bigger roll so split into 8 rather than 10 and gave initial bake of 12 minutes rather than 10. A further 15 minutes at 230C had the rolls looking very much like yours and were crispy. The problem was that the inside was still a little heavy for us – almost as though they were a few days old even though they tasted great. Any suggestions on how to get nice soft rolls as well as the perfect crust?

  11. Robert Reply

    Hello, I’m looking to try this and need to figure out timing. I’m sure it would vary, but about how long should I expect for the “grow by 25%” step? Thank you.

    • It’s hard to say, it depends on so many things, but probably in the range of 3-6 hours.

  12. Mary Schoenberger Reply

    These look like the winning crusty roll recipe! I have the challenge of needing to serve these 4-5 hours after baking due to cooking many items in one oven on the same day (Thanksgiving in the USA). Can you freeze the baked rolls or are they OK to warm several hours after the bake. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  13. Filip Reply

    5 stars
    What oven setting should be used for baking buns/rolls top&bottom or top with fan on? Maybe something else that I’m missing for that oven spring – might have not let the dough ferment enough before dividing. Starter is happy since I bake bread with it without problems.