Seeded Sourdough Bread Recipe – Easy way to add seeds using lamination

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  1. Thresi Ramapuram Reply

    Sune, thank you so much for your amazing video tutorials. They are great for techniques & “what if”s 🙂
    Would you do a video of sourdough with various inclusions – garlic & herb, basil pesto, using vegetable puree instead of water, etc. My hydration gets messed up when I try these..

    Looking forward to a video. Thank you!

    Thresi from India

  2. Kathie Reply

    Hi Sune, I love the look of your seeded Sourdough, I’ll have to try this with my next batch. Have you ever tried Wheat Germ in your Sourdough bread. I make Irish Soad Bread for my husband and always put Wheat Germ in that and was wondering what it would be like in Sourdough Bread? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  3. Ari Reply

    Your seeded sourdough has completely spoiled me! After trying it, it’s hard to imagine eating sourdough without seeds. It’s incredible bread, and I thank you.
    I have a question: should I soak any seed before adding it? I have poppy, flax, caraway, fennel, sesame, anise and sunflower. I can’t wait to try all of them. Also, can I toast them before soaking? If so, how long and at what temperature?
    Thank you so much again for your fantastic recipes!

    • Thank you <3

      Some need to be soaked, some doesn’t. The easy fix is to just soak them all, that way the ones that need soaking will absorb the water they need, but the others won’t be affected 🙂

  4. Madzik Reply

    Hi Sune, please tell me, why can’t you sprinkle it with flour when kneading the dough?

    • If you need to add flour, you should probably be using a lower hydration. Flour is different 🙂