Brioche burger buns recipe | A sexy bun you’ll love

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  1. Marko Reply

    Hi, how much fresh yeast would be required for this recipe ?

  2. Jeanette Reply

    I made your brioche buns today and used 2 of them tonight using muffulettas as my inspiration. I posted pictures of them on my Instagram @nonnagates. I grilled boneless chicken breast for the sandwiches, added the olive salad on the bottom portion and added our favorite cheese on top of the chicken.
    I know 2 things I’ll do differently next time. One- I’ll follow your instructions and make 8 instead of 6 rolls. Two- I’ll toast the bun before using, like you did.
    Awesome flavor and so soft in the center. Thanks for sharing your recipes and your knowledge. I love your videos. Take care from Alabama, USA

    • It sounds delicious! 😀 Very happy you like them 😀

  3. Wondering what the use is of the molds, with enough tension they should hold shape on their own?

    • It’s mostly just to get that “mushroom shape” that looks really pleasing, but it also helps in making them buns a uniform size.

      I realize that none of the things might be important for many people 🙂

  4. Christopher Reply

    We need a sourdough hamburger bun recipe