Blueberry Lemon Sourdough Bread | The most amazing recipe

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  1. Joe Falcone Sr. Reply

    Excellent Recipe.
    You put a lot of Time & Hard Work into this recipe. Thanks for your expertise…


    Here in Brasil we have dryed Blueberries (Mirtilo). May I use them? The same quantity?

    • As I don’t know them it’s hard for me to tell, but I would soak them before I put them in the bread. It sounds tasty 🙂

      Use the same amount, but reconstituted. Not sure how much water they soak, but try it out with a little portion first to get an idea 🙂

  3. Stephanie Reply

    Can I use frozen blueberries?

  4. cindy Reply

    can we use frozen blueberry instead of fresh blueberry? thanks for the recipe.

  5. Jeff Reply

    Thanks for posting this recipe, Sune. I tried a variation substituting in dried cranberries and Orange zest for the blueberries and lemon zest. It created a fantastic loaf!

    Love your content, keep creating!

  6. Bborges Reply

    Do we have to use parchment paper? I just ran out.

    • Nope. Make sure you put a lot of rice flour (or other gluten free flour) on the bottom of the bread before you turn it out of the banneton to score it 🙂

  7. Miguel Henriques Reply

    I did it with frozen blueberries, really nice way to do flavoured bread. Thank you!

  8. John Lennon Reply

    Just made the first fold and added the blue berries and lemon zest. Would it be a good idea to fold in a tablespoon or 2 of honey to add sweetness? Love your recipes! Thanks

  9. Jeanette T Reply

    Sune,I made this recipe this week and it smelled Wonderful. It tasted Incredible and my granddaughters Loved it. Mine looks like yours on the outside but when I cut into the first loaf it wasn’t as pretty as yours, the second one was better. I always use an instant read thermometer to test for doneness and it was at 208° and 211° F, respectively. I’m wondering if I autolysed too long. I built my levain at 8:15 am and autolyse at 9 am. Levain was ready at 12:40 pm. I had trouble working the dough when I started to mix in the levain and salt.
    Is 3.75 hours too long for the autolyse? Thanks so much

  10. David Reply

    Made the blueberry lemon loaf. Fun to make and fantastic taste. Will definitely make this on the regular! Thanks!

  11. Adam Reply

    Hi Sune your bread calculator for the blueberry bread doesn’t have the starter changed in the dough section like other recipes? When I change flour to make a bigger loaf I’m not sure how to increase starter… sorry to bother… amazing bread !!

  12. Joy Hermalyn Reply

    I have not tasted the bread yet but I am beyond excited as to how they turned out!! My first time adding anything into a loaf. Beautiful loaves, easy to follow recipe!! Thank you!!

  13. Joy Hermalyn Reply

    This came out just great. LOVED this recipe and flavor. Is there an easier way to zest 3 lemons? I ended up dicing little tiny bits of rind into the mix which worked well. I’m a relatively new baker – my hands were killing me. I have a zester that looks like a long thin paddle. I have shared this recipe with a few people – Thanks so much!

  14. Melanie F Louie Reply

    Hi Sune! I did a bench proof and baked when the poke sprung back slowly, but I ended up with a very hard to score dough and it sunk in the middle when baked. Any ideas?

  15. Sam Halverson Reply

    Great bread. I’m adding it to my “go to” list for regular loaves to bake. This first time I didn’t wait the full hour to heat up the dutch oven and the first loaf came out just a bit doughy. Perhaps that’s why. I’ll do better next time. I like not having added sugar in the recipe – and it’s not needed. I could also like more lemon. I was afraid zest from three would be too much but I could still use more. What if some lemon juice in place of some of the water?

  16. Chris Williams Reply

    HELP! I weighed everything, followed the directions, but the dough is REALLY wet. I’ve added the lavain and salt. I was afraid to add the rest of the water. Can I add more flour at this step? I would hate to waste my beautiful blueberries and lemons.

  17. jonathon moreira Reply

    Hi Sune,

    Such a wonderful loaf.

    My only issue was very large holes wherever the blueberries were in the loaf.

    What may have caused this, and how do you think it can be avoided next time?

    Thanks for all your teachings!

  18. Dina Aronson Reply

    5 stars
    I just made this…. This is an amazing recipe. I wish I could show you how beautiful it came. Thank you so much for all the time and details in this recipe. It’s a keeper for sure. Will be making them for Valentine’s Day gifts.

  19. Sara Marie Martens Reply

    How can you tell
    When the dough has risen 25%?

  20. Mari Reply

    Excited to try this! Is it possible to proof on the counter versus proofing in the fridge overnight? Not sure I could wait!

    • You can. It makes it a bit harder to tell when fermentation is done, and also to score the bread.

  21. I’m confused about the lemon zest. You say to add 20g of zest at the beginning but then you say to add zest of three lemons later with the blueberries. My zest from three lemons was right around 20g. So we need six lemons worth? Or?

  22. Pamela Reply

    5 stars
    I haven’t made this yet because the video and recipe have different ingredient quantities and instructions. Wasn’t sure if you were aware of that since it’s confusing to know which recipe to follow. Maybe both work independently of each other?! Would love to know your preferred method before attempting this lovely bread! I greatly appreciate all of your inspiring work!

    • Hi Pamala,

      At some point I updated the recipe to make it easier to make, but I didn’t write in the page that it was updated. Both will work, but the one written here is simpler.


  23. Katie Reply

    Looks like a great recipe. Unfortunately I saw a local cottage bakery using your picture as their own on their menu masa.madre805