Sourdough Stollen Recipe – The best German Christmas treat

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  1. Per Sascha Zech Reply

    Thank you, Sune. Was oogeling to bake a sourdough stollen for a few weeks, didn’t find a convincing recepie though. Now guess what I’ll #be doing next weekend! You rock, man!

  2. Magnus Tveten Reply

    I found one problem with your awesome recipie…. in the written instructions the butter amount (and almond) do not change when you scale the recipie….
    So my stollen had twice the butter!! Lol added more flour in til it was worakable..but yeah umm wonder how it will go once I bake it.


    Should the butter be at room temperature or cold?

    • Room temperature. The recipe says to take out the butter and cube it while the dough is resting for an hour 🙂


    Thank you, just wanted to be sure!