Sourdough Naan Bread Recipe | Easy homemade naan bread

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  1. Jaristokraatti Reply

    Godmorgen og tak, Sune! I have been baking for roughly half a year with a rather good success. After finding your videos with a very good success! Today is the first time I do something else than bread. Naan seems to be coming up nicely.

    • That’s wonderful to hear. I hope you’ll have some delicious naan.

  2. Shawna Cain Reply

    Fantastic Naan! Made my house a little smoky in the cast iron skillet, but well worth it. Thank you!

  3. Philip Reply

    Hi Sune. What is your time estimate for the bulk fermentation?

  4. Dennis Gaens Reply

    How long did the bulk rise take in your case?

    • I honestly don’t remember, but 3-4 hours doesn’t seem wrong 🙂

  5. Matthew Tompsett Reply

    Great recipe! I made it with half whole-wheat flour (Indian atta flour usually used for chapati) and it was wonderful. Also sprinkled chopped parsley on the top before flipping it over.

  6. I have a suggested change for cooking that takes a bit of practice but makes a more authentic naan, especially if you have a gas stove. I use a carbon-steel griddle that I heat dry (no butter or oil). I leave flour on the naan and just before cooking, I wet the side I’m cooking first. This makes a glue that sticks it to the griddle. By the time it’s mostly cooked, it’s pretty well stuck and I can pick up the griddle and turn it over, holding the naan directly over the fire for a minute or so. Then flip it back and scrape the naan off the griddle. it comes off pretty easy and the two surfaces are perfect: one slick, lacy, crunchy, the other bubbly and a bit charred. Then hit it with garlic butter and eat quickly. One note about naan in general: it has a short half life, like 10 minutes. That is: best when freshest, 10 minutes after you make it, it’s half as good. 10 minutes later, it’s 1/4, etc.

  7. Othello Orson Reply

    Interesting to note: Britain introduced chillis to India from their origin location: South America.

  8. Kelley Reply

    5 stars
    This recipe turned out very well. The only change I made was after the bull rise I stuck it in the fridge overnight.