Sourdough English Muffins recipe

Sourdough English Muffins Recipe | Easy one day recipe

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  1. Elaine Reply

    Hi Sune, thankyou so much for your wonderful recipe. In case I mix it and leave it to proof overnight which means about 10 hrs should I put the dough in the fridge ? Will that help in slowing it down? So I can then cook them for breakfast at 8 am.

    • Yes, leave it out for at least 5 hours and then you can put the dough in the fridge until you need it 🙂

  2. Mary Chappell-Davee Reply

    Thank you!

  3. Ivan Reply

    “In America, they said that English muffins are simply called muffins in the England. While that’s a great story, it is simply not true.”
    We do call them muffins, they aren’t crumpets, and I’ve eaten them all my life. Still on sale in all good supermarkets.

    The usage of muffin, meaning a flatbread, goes back to at least 1703 in England.
    There is also the children’s nursery song, The Muffin Man, and it is talking about the flatbread. I certainly understood that to be what I was singing about as a child in the 1960s.

    So as an Englishman, I think, like the Americans, that Mr Samuel Bath Thomas was recreating for local consumption the flatbread long known as a muffin in England, and his name for it was quite accurate.

    But linguistically the situation is unsustainable. The American muffin has now massively overtaken the flatbread muffin in popularity in England, probably 20 or 30 years ago. It is now also known as a muffin, unspecified. Some people now sell the flatbread muffin under some newly invented name like “toasting muffin”, or even “English muffin”, to avoid confusion. I suspect this is why your research turned up only American muffins when you tried finding out what English people ate as muffins.

    • It’s messy, like most other things in life. People will find a way of communicating about it.

      Thanks for your insights 🙂

  4. We made these, using oat milk, and they were great – thanks for the recipe. However, the dough was incredibly sticky – very tricky to work, and hard to peel off the baking paper in order to cook them. Stickier than it seems in the video. Would you guess this is because of the oat milk subtitution? Or should/could we do something, e.g. just add more flour, if it’s too sticky?