Sourdough Knäckebröd Recipe | Easy to make at home

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  1. Emily Reply

    made this today, so good! thank you!!

  2. Melanie Holder Reply

    Tried this today! A bit strange to my American pallet. Easy to make. It was MUCH better once it was cooled and I would call it a cracker and not bread. Thanks for the unique recipe. One note: In the future I would adjust the salt downward as sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds in the US almost always come salted.

    • I can imagine. My ex-wife is American and she thought we ate some weird stuff 🙂

      Knækbrød means “bread that cracks”, so I guess it makes sense 🙂

  3. Taryn S Port Reply

    I made this today. Mine needed a lot more than 75 mls of water. The dough was so stiff I could not roll it . I think I added at least another 40 mls. My oven at 180 degrees with the fan was too hot and I burnt them in under 20 mins. The edible ones were really yummy, so I will try again soon.

  4. Mary Reply

    Can I use light rye flour instead of dark rye flour? Is there a big difference?

    • You can. It won’t have as much of rye taste as if you use dark, but I’m sure it’ll still be delicious 🙂

  5. Kim Reply

    Made these today exactly as written and they are the best! 5 stars Thanks Sune! Forgot to cut them before baking so I used a pizza cutter after 20 minutes and continued to bake. Next time and there will be a next time I will use 2 baking sheets as I felt I could roll them thinner if I had more room. Feeling healthy with all those seeds, fiberlicious 😁

  6. Gina Downin Reply

    Just tried your knäckebrüd recipe. All looks great, but despite the fact that I used a quality parchment paper, my knäckebrüd stuck to the parchment paper and it was very difficult to separate it. Any suggestions?

  7. Kirill Reply

    Hi Sune! Thanks for the recipe, I made it – it was delicious!
    How do you keep this bread? Mine has gone soft after 1 day so I’m not sure if I underbaked it or it is the English weather working its magic… 🙂

    • I put it in a airtight container with kitchen towel in between 🙂

      You may wanna bake it a bit more too 🙂

  8. Trish Reply

    So moreish…Crispy and tasty…added some sesame seeds which added to the flavours. I used ripe starter, as did not see it was discard! Worked fine tho

  9. Gal Brill Reply

    Baked these tonight, came out great.

  10. Frances Reply

    Hello. Had a go at the sourdough crackers and was really looking forward to making these but I have a problem. Did everything as per recipe with a little water, but wasn’t sure how much to use and left the dough to ferment. Now that I try to roll it out it is REALLY difficult and after half an hour I have put it in the oven but much thicker than they should be. Why is that please?

  11. Andrew Holmes Reply

    Just tried these and they are superb. Thank you for the recipe

  12. Chris Binnington Reply

    My second attempt at the knackebrod. First time I did not roll it thin enough. This time everything seemed right but really struggled to remove the baking paper from the brod after baking! Also after 2 hours on the counter the dough was no longer a paste but had hardened. I decided to add more water at that stage and mix in and leave for another hour. Something is not yet right! Also please provide a key word search on your site! Love the channel. Thank you

  13. JJ Reply

    Hey Sune. Lefty guitarist here. Been using your site for so long I feel like a brother. I’m going to slide my recipe directly onto the baking stone this time and give that a try. Last one I made I finished off in my Excalibur dehydrator. I liked the way it finished. I’ll let you know how the baking stone works out when it’s done.

  14. Cath Reply

    Hi Sune, love your recipies and videos. I made the Knäckebrot today for the first time… somehow it was really stuck to the paper, when I tried to remove the pieces… some still have paper stuck to them. Do you have any idea what I did wrong?

    Thank you and best regards from Germany

  15. Mette Neland Reply

    Er det alm havregryn eller de grovvalsede man skal bruge her?

  16. tony Reply

    5 stars
    Your recipe seemed to show 85% hydration which is about 18g water added. Is This correct?
    Thanks for good presentation