Open Crumb Sourdough Bread Recipe – Simple and beautiful looking bread

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  1. Tim Cutts Reply

    How do you keep your hands from sticking while doing coil folds? The dough sometimes is also quite sticky with the counter.?

    • I sometimes wet my hands, but most of it is a technique that has to be learned. It was very difficult for me at first, too 🙂

  2. Raija Reply

    Fantastic recipe and so easy, thank you Sund

  3. Wanda Reply

    Plzzzzzzzz help
    I’ve attempted this recipe the most of any on pinterest,,,, I love it ,,,,BUT,,,,it’s always so hard to form before putting into Banneton baskets.
    It’s so bubbly and hard to form. I’m careful to not let it go more than50% proofing.
    More flour? I use Robin Hood bread flour and my starter is strong and from a 100 yr old starter from Brazil,,,,
    The taste is otherworldly tho ! Just a bit of a puddle and hard to work with.

    • I don’t know if Robin Hood bread flour is good for open-crumb sourdough bread. You’ll have to try different ones. If it’s too sticky, you should use less water when mixing the dough.