Japanese Milk Bread Recipe | Fluffy and wonderful bread

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  1. Sherry Reply

    How about buttering the pan instead of spraying with baking spray?

    • That works too. You may want to flour the butter after applying 🙂

  2. Phyllis Van Hagen Reply

    Thank you for this recipe as it will be my sourdough baking project this week. I am so grateful for a recipe for milk bread using starter. I have made it using commercial yeast and I know this will be far superior. Can you explain the reason for rolling the dough balls twice into ovals? After watching your videos for a long time, I am finally going to subscribe.

  3. Iris van Uitert Reply

    Hi Sune, out of curiosity: is there a specific reason why there is only one rise moment with this bread instead of a bulk and final rise?

    • Yes, because it makes for the same results, but is a lot less complicated. ‘Less complicated’ should be my middle name 😉

  4. Phyllis Van Hagen Reply

    As of today, I am behind in the count 0-2. My second attempt today turned out no better than the first try. It does not rise and there is little or no oven spring. I have followed the recipe faithfully and my starter is very healthy.
    I am longing for the fluffiness and soft texture as described in the video but I am too close to striking out. Any advice?

  5. Phyllis Van Hagen Reply

    I have endured two abject failures with this recipe. The most recent loaf just became breadcrumbs.
    The first time I hand kneaded the dough and it never rose sufficiently.I assumed I had not kneaded it enough. The second attempt included machine kneading for 6 minutes but still no significant rise during a 4 hour proof.
    Do I need to allow for a longer proofing time? Or, refrigerating it overnight and then proof it?

    • I think mine took 7 hours in a very warm proofer, so yes, you need a longer rise.

  6. Phyllis Van Hagen Reply

    I was down in the count 0/2 and today I hit a home run. My third attempt rose and sprung in the oven for a perfectly beautiful loaf.
    Thank you, Sune, for the suggestion of a longer proof time. That made all the difference.

  7. Jenny Reply

    This looks yummy, I have also seen this type of recipe as pull apart rolls which might be good for entertaining I am thinking!

  8. Mary Penza Reply

    Made it!! A few little changes (honey instead of sugar). Came out gorgeous and delicious!! Thank you!! Can I send you a picture??

  9. Katie Reply

    Love your videos! Tried this milk bread (after trying a much more complicated version first). I proofed in the fridge overnight and set it out to rise at room temp before baking. It didn’t rise too much but then when I baked it, it expanded like crazy and ripped at the top. What did I do wrong? Dough too wet?

    • Sourdough and enriched doughs proof very slowly. It sounds like you under proofed at it needed more time to rise.