New York style bagels recipe

New York-style Bagels Recipe | Amazingly Easy Bagels

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  1. Dana Vanhove Reply

    Question: is the lye and the baked baking soda an either/or situation? The way it’s listed makes me think both, but the article makes me think either/or.
    Water bath
    2200 l water
    3 g food-grade lye (OR?)
    50 g baked baking-soda

      • Dana Vanhove Reply

        GREAT! Thank you–they’ve been in the fridge for 2 days. Making them now!

  2. Joseph Reply

    Does this mean 2200 ml water? it looks like it says 2200 liters to me.

    • Fixed it. I guess you weren’t going to fill your container with 2.2 tons of water?

  3. Jen Lee Reply

    Can I use diastatic malt powder in place of the malt syrup? If so, in what proportions?

    • You can use 8 grams of non-diastatic malt powder as an alternative 🙂