Sourdough Brownies recipe – super easy fudgy brownies with discard

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  1. Sean Reply

    I just made these sourdough brownies and they are amazing! It is Mother’s Day here in the UK next week so I will be baking another batch specially for my Mum. Thanks for the great recipe Sune – love your YouTube channel!

  2. Stephanie Reply

    I plan to give this recipe a go but I have a couple questions I was hoping you could answer:
    -why salted butter?
    -did you use unsweetened chocolate and if not what percentage of sugar did your chocolate have?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. mary patten Reply

    I made your Fudgy Sourdough Brownies and they were DELICIOUS! Best brownies I ever had. Such a deep dark chocolate flavor, with a bit of a tang. Very rich. They froze well, too. Thank you so much for creating that recipe!
    Best regards from Rhode Island,

  4. Anonaire Reply

    Hello fellow food geeks,
    There isn’t enough commenting on this site!

    I tried this recipe and just a minute ago pulled them out of the oven. The house smells absolutely amazing. To appease my eldest daughter who will likely eat most of these, I subbed dark choc chips for milk choc.

    The rest of the recipe was kept exactly the same, as measured by an accurate scale. Oven rack was placed in the upper third of the oven where most of the heat is or should be. The cook time to have toothpicks come out dry was closer to 70 minutes at 350°. If anyone else tries this, they will need some babysitting if you experience this as well to not become overcooked or burnt.


  5. Julie Reply

    Whoa! I made these tonight. So delicious, fudgey and rich. Best brownies, ever. Worth every calorie! 😋
    Thank you so much for the yummy recipe!

  6. Mariëtte Reply

    Hi Sune, I enjoy your blog! Put my name on the cakey brownie list please! Greetings from South Africa

  7. Pamela R. Reply

    5 stars
    You deserve every star and more for these MARVELOUS Fudgy Sourdough Brownies! They are perfection, and even better the next day! They are rich and moist with a nice tang to balance them out. They’re decadent without being heavy, and the first bite me want the whole pan! Could definitely tell they were dark chocolate in the best way possible, and the texture is delightful! Worth saving starter discard just for these delightful treats! Thank you for another superior recipe with an excellent video to boot!

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