Bread with apple sourdough starter

Make Bread with Apple Sourdough Starter | An excellent fall bread

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  1. Laurie Rappl Reply

    This looks like my next experiment. Sourdough without the sourdough. Do you peel the apples?

    • Nope. Just core them. Importantly they should be organic and non-waxed.

    • Nope, I just core them. I also used organic non-waxed apples 🙂

  2. Anna Reply

    After 3 days at room temperature the top of my apple purée started growing white mold, did yours too? I’ve used organic apple and I’ve kept their skin as you said to do in the video

    • It got white skin, but if it’s mold, it’s usually fuzzy, and it wasn’t. I think the top just dried out.

      • Anna Reply

        Mine is fuzzy unfortunately, I think I should throw away everything. But I’ve used a very clean jars and apples, what could had been happening in your opinion?

        • Markus Reply

          The same happened with my puree. And i wonder how this should work. Very disappointing…

          • Did you make sure to wash the apples beforehand?

          • Anna

            When I make soakers I usually put a pinch of salt in it to prevent mold and undesired bacteria formation that can be really dangerous, so I’ll try again putting a little pinch of salt in the purée to prevent mold formation. I think it’ll work

  3. PatrickT Reply

    My first try making the apple starter was unsuccessful. It grew white mold and did not rise or ferment. I think the problem might have been fermenting it in a spot that was too cool. I’m trying it again today with a fresh batch of apple puree. I’ve put the jar in a warm place and intend to stir it down daily for 5 days. Crossing fingers!

  4. PatrickT Reply

    Second time trying to make the apple starter, second fail. Same issues as the first: no fermentation, no rise, white fuzzy mold on the surface at days 4 and 5. Any chance you’d be willing to provide a step-by-step for creating the starter, with pictures, process details and the ambient temperature your starter container was in? Thanks, Sune!

    • What you see in the video was what I did. I used organic non-waxed apples. Washed them, puréed them, and left them on the counter in my kitchen (around 21C/70F) for 5 days. In that time it rose and stayed kind of inflated. I didn’t do anything to it because I stirred it for the video.

      • PatrickT Reply

        Thanks. And during this time, you only cracked open the starter container daily to vent the CO2? Would really love to get this to work. Found this fascinating research paper today ( when trying to find additional details for creating the starter. I ordered the PDF and will share anything that might be helpful, if you or your followers have any interest.

        • Yes, exactly. It should vent itself, but I just wanted to make sure I didn’t get exploding starter 🙂 Thanks, that sounds really cool 🙂

          • PatrickT

            OK – I’ll try again. Maybe third time is the charm! 😀 Thanks, Sune.