Broa de Milho opskrift - Smukt krakeleret brød

Broa de Milho Recipe – A Simple Sourdough Cornbread

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  1. Kevin Pereira Reply

    For future reference, the pronunciation you used was Brazilian. Other than that, the bread looks fabulous.

    • Ah, that’s good to know. I hope my brazilian pronunciation was spot on then 🤣


    Sounds delicious! I like very much the way you explain your baking methods. I read some other recipes for this bread and they use rye flour or buckwheat instead of AP. Did you try with these other flours?

    • Not yet. A lot of people have reached out to me, saying that especially rye is a very common flour in this bread.

  3. Shannon M Sorensen Reply

    Good afternoon. Is your version of corn flour like cornstarch or very finely milled cornmeal? I went to our local grocer and there was nothing that had the specific verbage “corn flour.” I have been making your sourdough bread for all of my friends & family & they love it! My Portuguese friend asked me to make this from your recipes. I just want to get it right. My husband and I thank you for being awesome!


    Shannon Sorensen

    • The corn flour I use is pretty coarse. They call it whole grain here.

  4. Judy Vallas Reply

    I happened on a recipe for Broa de Milho & went looking around for others to compare. Yours is hands-down the one I want – thanks! (I watch your videos regularly and know I can completely trust this recipe.)

  5. Hortense Reply

    Hello, I just Wonder what hydratation rate must have thé sourdough ? This is the texture that I’m looking for. Thank you.

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