Hungarian Goulash Recipe – The Ultimate Stick to your bones dish

Winter is here! It’s cold outside and when you get home after a long day, you want something hot, hearty and something to stick to your bones. Sometime that gives you back your energy and helps you through the cold months. This is my recipe for Hungarian Goulash.

While Goulash is more of a soup in Hungary, I like mine a bit more thick. Please use the recipe as you see fit.

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Seeded Sourdough Bread Recipe – Easy way to add seeds using lamination

Seeds are delicious. Adding seeds to your bread is delicious, but how do you make sure they are all well dispersed throughout the bread. Using a technique called lamination will help you achieve that. This is my recipe for a basic seeded sourdough bread.

It’s not the first time I publish a recipe for this seeded bread called “Bread from Skagen“. The first time it was when I was just starting out in sourdough, and I had used the excellent baker Maurizio Leo’s template for making sourdough bread.

This time around this is 100% my own creation, using techniques that I’ve tested myself. Many many times. I hope it shows that this is a much simpler way of getting great results.

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Sourdough Pumpkin Bread Recipe – The ultimate bread for the fall

The wind is tugging at the yellowing leaves on the trees. The earthy, moist and somewhat decaying smells of nature. The leaves that rustles on the ground as you walk through them. The chill wind on your face, as you take a brisk walk. Can you tell that I love fall? This is my recipe for sourdough pumpkin bread.

Pumpkins are a surefire sign of fall and also Halloween. In Denmark celebrating Halloween a tradition that came back in the new Millenium. Although it was celebrated before the 20th Century, when it came back it was the America-inspired Halloween.

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