Wrapped Sourdough Bread | Recipe for the most gorgeous bread

Baking sourdough bread is all about the taste, right? Then you go on Instagram and scroll through your feed of your favorite bakers. There’s one gorgeous loaf after the other. Huge oven spring. Ears galore. Open crumb party. So you feel a bit discouraged, how can you make a gorgeous bread? Well, you should try my recipe for a wrapped sourdough bread.

This kind of bread is also known as Pane Incamiciato, which in Italian means something akin to bread in a jacket. During my research of this bread I wasn’t able to find any ‘original’ recipes or even anything about the history of this bread, so I decided to just create a recipe from scratch.

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Sourdough Baguettes Recipe – Super easy and crispy baguettes

A fresh baguette is just pure happiness. A thin and super crusty and crispy crust. A light and fluffy interior begging for lots of wonderful produce, meats and cheeses. When you ferment the dough for a long time the taste of the baguette becomes an absolutely wonderful experience. This is my recipe for sourdough baguettes.

Baguettes are the perfect companion for almost any kind of dish. They are great with cheeses, vegetables and any kind of meats.

My personal favorite is a Vietnamese sandwich called Bánh Mì. It’s a French baguette with various fillings. Usually a protein like marinated pork, grilled chicken, tofu or meatballs. Afterwards it’s topped with pickled daikon and carrots, fresh chilies and lots of coriander or cilantro leaves.

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Sourdough Brownies recipe – super easy fudgy brownies with discard

Chocolate has been shown to affect your mood in a positive way. After eating chocolate serotonin is released and it helps stabilize the mood. So if you need the ultimate comfort food in the form of a cake, the best choice must be a chocolate brownie. This is my recipe for fudgy brownies with sourdough discard.

There are commonly two types of brownies: cakey and fudgy, and people seem to have a specific preference. My favorite is the fugdy brownie, so that’s what you will see here today.

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Sourdough Limpa Bread Recipe – Amazingly Simple Swedish Rye Bread

Rye bread. There are so many variations. Pumpernickel, rugbrød, all-rye, flatbreads. Jewish rye has a whole bunch of variations: Russian, Polish and Scandinavian. In Sweden their preferred rye bread is a sweet rye bread with spices. This is my recipe for sourdough limpa bread.

I love rye flour. It has an amazing taste, when baked. Even rye cookies are awesome. My favorite sourdough bread has 20% whole-grain rye flour, and the most perfect 100% rye bread is my danish rye bread.

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Stand mixer sourdough bread recipe – the easy way to awesome bread

So you love the taste, feel, smell and texture of a homemade sourdough bread, but you just think it’s too complicated? Autolyse, kneading, folding, and a whole bunch of other things. Well, here comes the Foodgeek to the rescue. This is my recipe for sourdough bread made in a stand mixer.

So these last couple of years sourdough bread has been all the craze. People love to eat them, but there’s a growing interest in making them yourself.

The problem is that most of the recipes are more complicated, mine included.

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