Artisan Sourdough Bread – An easy recipe for crispy bread

Once you’ve had real sourdough bread, there’s no going back. No, I don’t mean the stuff from the supermarket that’s made by adding citric acid and some yeast. No, I mean the kind that’s been allowed to develop taste over many hours, fermented to perfection and then bake until golden brown and super crispy. This is my recipe for artisan sourdough bread.

Over the last 6 months the interest for baking sourdough bread has developed almost into a collective insanity. I’ve been at it for years, baking, publishing recipes and videos about it.

Now I felt it was time to publish my updated Master Recipe for sourdough bread. This is used a base for any kind of lean sourdough bread recipe that I make, and it is now yours too.

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Eggs Benedict Recipe

Eggs benedict recipe – The best and most perfect breakfast?

Your head is pounding, you’re sweating, in general you just feel pretty bad. You should have laid off the booze last night, at least stopped before you did. Oh well, now it’s just time to find a remedy. What’s better than toasted bread, an egg with a runny yolk and a sauce so full of butter it’ll make you cross eyed? This is my recipe for eggs benedict.

Hangovers are as old as time itself, and so are the cures. The best cure is probably lots of water and rest, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to find a faster and more effective cure.

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Sourdough English Muffins recipe

Sourdough English Muffins – very simple one day recipe

The summer wind is gently rustling the leaves in the trees and the puffy clouds are quietly moving across the sky. It’s four o’clock and time for afternoon tea. What’s waiting for you is wonderful black tea with warm milk and sugar and toasted english muffins. You are just waiting to slather the muffins in butter and jam. This is my recipe for sourdough english muffins.

You may think that English muffins are quintessential English, but they were actually invented in America. What’s eaten for afternoon tea in England is actually crumpets.

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Sourdough Knäckebröd – Crispbread – Why it’s the best recipe

Hunger. You are hungry. You want something with a satisfying crunch, but all there is in the bread bin is some stale old toast bread. What can you do? Well, making this knäckebröd is as simple as pie and because of the low hydration in the final bread it can be stored for months without spoiling. This is my recipe for sourdough knäckebröd.

Knäckebröd is a very simple flatbread. Traditionally made with rye flour and often paired some delicious seeds.

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Simnple Artisan Sourdough Bread Recipe

Artisan sourdough bread – the most simple recipe

Many, many people love sourdough bread. Eating it is one thing, though. Getting started with baking sourdough bread can be daunting. Not only that, it can be extremely expensive when it comes to tools, so I decided to make this recipe that only requires tools you already have in your kitchen. This is my recipe for a simple artisan sourdough bread.

We sourdough bakers are obsessed. With our starters, with our flours, with our tools and gadgets. We’ll invest large sums of money into all of that stuff.

Great oven spring in this simple artisan sourdough bread recipe

This recipe is designed for people that want to try out baking sourdough bread, but without investing a big part of your hard earned cash into those things.

Which means that you will only need tools that you already have in your kitchen, a bag of bread flour from your supermarket, some water from your tap and some table salt.

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