Bánh mì – The best sandwich you can make

Bánh mì er mixture of south east asian cuisine and the influence of French cuisine from when Vietnam was part of French Indochina. So you get soy marinated pork, mayonnaise and crispy baguette. This is my recipe for banh mi.

In the last couple of years bánh mí has been taking Copenhagen by storm. If you are ever visiting I will highly recommend going to the absolutely wonderful District Tonkin in Dronningens Tværgade. It’s very easy to make banh mi at home, though.

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Yeasted Artisan Bread Recipe | Crusty, simple, yet wonderful bread

Baking your own bread is so gratifying. Not only because it’s so much better than store-bought bread, and better than most commercial bakeries. If you are new in baking it’s a great way to learn all the artisan techniques, without all the intricacies of sourdough bread fermentation. This is my recipe for yeasted artisan bread.

Many people associate homemade bread made with yeast as bread with kind of a soft crust, a very tight crumb and not very much taste. I am about to change your view on this.

This bread has a crispy, wonderfully caramelized crust. An awesomely soft and open crumb and a deliciously well-developed taste. No tang though.

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Gochujang Sourdough Bread Recipe

Gochujang Sourdough Bread | Recipe for a wonderful Korean inspired bread

You’ve baked hundreds of sourdough breads. They still taste lovely, but you are looking for something new. Something to tickle the taste buds. Something savory. Maybe something Asian inspired? Why not! This is my recipe for gochujang sourdough bread.

This bread brings a lot of the flavor profile from Korean food: fermented, salty, tangy, spicy, garlic and scallions. While it’s in no way a Korean bread, it will fulfill your carb-loaded Korean dreams.

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Wrapped Sourdough Bread Recipe

Wrapped Sourdough Bread | Recipe for the most gorgeous bread

Baking sourdough bread is all about the taste, right? Then you go on Instagram and scroll through your feed of your favorite bakers. There’s one gorgeous loaf after the other. Huge oven spring. Ears galore. Open crumb party. So you feel a bit discouraged, how can you make a gorgeous bread? Well, you should try my recipe for a wrapped sourdough bread.

This kind of bread is also known as Pane Incamiciato, which in Italian means something akin to bread in a jacket. During my research of this bread I wasn’t able to find any ‘original’ recipes or even anything about the history of this bread, so I decided to just create a recipe from scratch.

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