Homemade sugar-free red currant jelly

Red currant jelly is another Danish classic. I could not imagine eating meatloaf without red currant jelly, but it is also great with most pork dishes and game.


It can also be wonderful on top of a freshly baked warm bun with melting butter and excellent piece of cheese. I’ll often have a bowl of skyr for breakfast and I’ll put in a couple of tablespoons of jelly. A spoonful in the gravy, makes the most wonderful sauce. Only your imagination sets the limits.

Here is the recipe for homemade sugar-free red currant jelly. I hope you will love it.

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Sausage carbonara with whole wheat fettuccine

We love Italian food here at home. Unfortunately pasta is not the most healthy food around, because it is made by finely ground wheat flour, so I have experimented with making my own pasta from hvidhvede and that is delicious. It does require a bit more egg compared to the common pasta dough recipe, which uses about 1 egg per 100 grams of flour.

So here is my version of a healthier sausage carbonara with homemade whole wheat fettuccine. The cream has been replaced with low-fat cooking cream, so it contains less fat, but it is still as creamy. Yummy.

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Homemade sugar-free pickled red cabbage

I am working my way through condiments for meat dishes, though in healthier versions. This time it is classic Danish homemade sugar-free pickled red cabbage. It goes great with pork.

When it comes to pickled red cabbage I am pretty conservative. No nonsense as cinnamon or other heavy spices, the sugar has been replaced with sukrin so there are no calories and bloodsugar rises from the sweetness. Continue reading

Healthy summer salad with smoked cheese and skyr

Mayonnaise and creme fraiche-based salads are a staple of toppings of classical Danish open-faced sandwiches, unfortunately they are not very healthy because of the high fat content. Luckily there are alternatives that are much more healthy, and in my opinion can be a lot fresher and more delicious.

So try this delicious healthy summer salad with smoked cheese and skyr and you will not be disappointed.

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Sugar-free, guilt-free, pickled cucumbers

Pickled cucumbers is a super delicious addon for a lot of different meat, it has a great rounded blend of both sour and sweet. Unfortunately the normal version is full of sugar, which means it is not so health, but this version is with sukrin and is completely guilt-free, and close to calorie-free as well.

So if you, like me, love pickled cucumbers with your seared chicken breast, then you should try and make this recipe.

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Super delicious sugar-free strawberry icecream – A summer fling

Summer is time for ice, and one of my personal favourites is strawberry. Since I am diabetic, it is natural for me to make sweet dishes without added sugar, and this also goes for this sugarfree strawberry icecream. It is best to use sun-ripened strawberries, so if you have those available those are certainly your first choice, otherwise I would recommend frozen strawberries, because they are packed when they are ripe, and the texture is not important here. Continue reading

Delicious homemade san marzano ketchup, that takes you to umami-paradise

Ketchup is for many people, the ultimate sauce for meat and potatoes. It accentuates alle the deliciousness of a crispy, salty french fry and a juicy burger.

A problem with ketchup though. It is loaded with sugar. So in my version, I have replaced the sugar with a sweetner. The rest is just tomatoes, spices and vinegar. This san marzano ketchup is a certain winner. Try it and you will never go back to the store-bought stuff.

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Homemade spiced meat roll

After reading Søren from GASTROmads delicieous recipe for homemade spiced meat roll and the fact that have just purchased a half pig which contained a pork belly, I decided to post my own version of this Danish classic.

Spiced meat roll (literally rolled sausage) is a classic danish lunch meat, and it is not difficult to make at all. You get a lot more taste out of the homemade version instead of the supermarket version. You need about 4 days before it is ready to serve, but most of that time is just waiting.

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