Triple cooked fries recipe

French fries are probably the ultimate way to cook potatoes. Unfortunately it’s very easy to end up with limp and soggy fries when you do it at home. In the industry it’s common to actually cook the potatoes by frying them at a medium temperature before they are frozen. Then you just toss them in super hot oil and crisp them up and heat the middle which is already cooked. This method takes it to the next level. This is the recipe for triple cooked fries.

If you follow this recipe you will be rewarded with the absolute best and most delicious fries you have ever tried. The crispy, almost glass-like surface shatters between your teeth in the most satisfying way. The middle of the fry is the softest, creamiest mashed potato. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

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Chocolate Sourdough Bread recipe

Sourdough has become a slight obsession of mine. I’ve noticed that it’s common for people who get into sourdough to get completely engulfed in working their starters (Tamagotchi anyone?) and baking delicious breads. Breads that are not only a lot healthier than your average store-bought bread, but also a hundred times tastier. Normally these breads are your common “bread and butter” types of breads, but I’ve started branching out into the world of add-ins and changing the flavor overall. This is my recipe for a chocolate sourdough bread.

Sourdough bread is usually something you’d think of as tangy, not sweet, but this bread takes the whole taste experience in the other direction. You definitely get a cakey vibe, but it’s really not sweet at all. The crumb is dark and chocolaty, with specks of chocolate pieces, sweet Cointreau soaked raisins and crunchy and very nutty hazelnuts.

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Orange and poppy seed bundt cake with brown butter glaze

Bundt cakes is an American phenomenon inspired by the traditional European cake Gugelhupf. Bundt cakes. There are infinite variations of bundt cakes, but here is the absolutely best bundt cake recipe.

I follow an instagrammer and baker called Maurizio Leo. He’s an amazing sourdough baker, but one day he posted a picture of a cake that had the most wonderful design. A sort of three dimensional shape that I had never seen before in a cake.

He wrote in the comments that it was made by a company called Nordicware, so I went into research mode and I found their site and they had so many different options. I just wanted them all.

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Danish Rye Bread

In most countries bread is made with variety of milled wheat gains. In Scandinavia it is relatively cold, so a grain like rye is much better suited for the climate. So that means that rye flour is commonly used in a bunch of different ways and very commonly in bread. This is my Danish rye bread recipe.

Here in Denmark rye bread is a staple of our cuisine. It’s very common to eat it every day for lunch. It’s dark, it’s malty, it’s usually full of delicious moist seeds.

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Sourdough bread with cheddar

For me, there’s nothing better than bread.. and cheese! So a bread with cheese must be the ultimate bread. That’s the what I set out to test with this bread. Here is my recipe for sourdough bread with cheddar, oregano and smoked paprika.

Cheddar is one of the most popular cheeses in the world. It’s a pretty good cheese that fits perfectly with other foods and in a sandwich. Personally I like cheeses with more taste, so I’ve used a sharp cheddar in this recipe. If you don’t like sharp cheese you can substitute with a mild cheddar.

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