Sourdough Naan Bread Recipe

I once took a DNA test that told me about my geographical ancestry. It told me that I was mainly of Scandinavian descent (52%), but the next biggest one was Great Britain (32%). It seemed logical to me, as I’ve always felt a kinship with people from Great Britain, sharing their humor, and other traits. If there’s one thing British people love, it’s curries. Curries must be served with Naan Bread. This is my recipe for Sourdough Naan Bread.

The curries that the British people love stem from India, brought to the Great Britain under the British rule of India 1858 to 1947 known the British Raj.

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Sourdough Starter Maintenance

After you’ve built an awesome strong sourdough starter, you need to keep it alive. You need to make sure it can grow to double, or even triple the size. That way it will be in great shape to help you bake awesome, delicious sourdough bread. Learn all my secrets to easy sourdough starter maintenance.

If you haven’t built a starter yet, you can go read my guide on how to do just that. It’s not really difficult, all you need is flour, water and patience.

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My best sourdough sandwich recipes – Toasted edition

I don’t really think it’s a secret. I love bread. Especially sourdough bread. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.. If you slice it, that is. I have compiled my best sourdough sandwich recipes that are served on a delicious piece of toasted sourdough bread.

I share a lot of bread recipes here on my blog and on my YouTube channel, but rarely talk about how I eat it. I thought it was about time I shared some recipes for some of the delicious sandwiches I eat here at home with you guys.

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Baker’s Math Explained!

Do you know this? You look at a sourdough bread recipe, and there’s lots of percentages on it, but when you add them all up, it’s way above 100%? That’s very confusing. So, what’s up? In this article baker’s math and baker’s percentages will be explained. Knowing this will help you become a better baker.

Baker’s math and baker’s percentages are a pretty universally accepted convention of describing baked recipes. It’s unique in the way that it always scales the percentage from the total flour. Which means any and all flour in the recipe is always 100%.

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Blueberry Swirl Sourdough Brioche Bread Recipe

You know, sometimes you need a bit of a pick-me-up. You love blueberries. You love anything baked and, like me, you love butter. Mmmh… Butter! You could make a cake, but you just had cake yesterday, so what are you going to do? The answer is, of course, my recipe for a blueberry swirl sourdough brioche bread.

Last week I baked a sourdough bread with blueberries and lemon. You know the kind with a chewy crumb and a crispy crust. That was a super delicious bread, but this time we are going in the absolutely opposite side of bread types. The Fluffy McFluffface of fluffy breads. Dough so enriched that is should be called millionaire’s brioche. Oh my freakin’ Gawd…

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