Danish Christmas cookies recipes – The best cookies from Denmark

Christmas is just around the corner. Every country, town and family have their own traditions. In Denmark we have many traditions and we do seem to agree on what cookies we like to eat for Christmas. Brunkager, klejner and vaniljekranse are the most popular cookies for Christmas. These are my recipes for the most popular Danish Christmas cookies.

I recently covered a German Christmas tradition, but this time the time has come to my native Denmark.

We have many different cookies we make for Christmas, but these three: brunkager, klejner and vanilljekranse are the most popular and beloved ones.

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Sourdough Stollen Recipe – The best German Christmas treat

It’s the month of Christmas and it’s cold and dark outside. You sit inside in your cozy, warm house with the lights on and the candles lit. The kettle is on for your favorite cup of tea or a nice fragrant cup of coffee. You cut a piece of stollen and life is good. This is my recipe for sourdough stollen.

Stollen is a German Christmas treat also known as Christstollen or Weihnachtsstollen. It’s gained popularity outside of the German speaking countries over the last 30 years, especially in the United Kingdom.

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