Sourdough olive bread recipe

About the last year I’ve been playing and enjoying the game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey which is set in ancient Greece. In the countries around the Mediterranean sea they eat a very different diet than we do in the Nordic countries, and that has always fascinated and inspired me. This is my recipe for a delicious sourdough olive bread.

The bread has a healthy amount of Kalamata olives and is spiced with dried herbs that grow naturally in the region. We’re using basil, thyme, oregano and rosemary.

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Sourdough challah recipe

Faith is a powerful thing. Faith is tied to religion. Different religions come with certain rules and traditions that has shaped people lives on our planet for thousands of years. In Judaism they have a resting day called Shabbat, which starts Friday evening when the sun sets. Invariably intertwined with observing the Shabbat is the braided bread Challah. This is my recipe for sourdough challah.

Disclaimer! This is not an article about religion or my views on it, but if you are a regular reader you know I always like to look into the backstory of the things I present here.

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Fermented Danish gingerbread hearts recipe

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Cold weather, candle lights, buying presents, short days, and of course all the different things that are baked during Christmas time. In Denmark we have a variety of different things that are classically Danish, like pebernødder, brunkager, jødekager, klejner, finskbrød and my personal favorite: honningkagehjerter. That literally means “honey cake hearts”. The is my recipe for fermented Danish gingerbread hearts.

These gingerbread hearts are fermented. It helps develop that very special taste that, if not done this way, will be missing. The fermentation time can vary from one month and up to several months. If you’re in a pinch, give them as long as you can, but I wouldn’t recommend anything less than one week.

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Chicken tikka masala recipe with naan bread

Many people think that chicken tikka masala is an Indian dish, but as far as it’s known the dish comes from a restaurant in Glasgow in Scotland. It really doesn’t matter where it is from, but how it tastes. This dish really delivers in the “lots of taste” department. I think you should try my recipe for chicken tikka masala, and try something awesome.

Tikka masala is a borrowed word from hindi  टिक्का मसाला that means something like spiced pieces. Which is a pretty accurate description.

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Tikka Masala Paste opskrift

Homemade tikka masala paste recipe

Tikka masala is a fantastic dish no matter if it’s made with just vegetables, chicken or whatever else you fancy. You can get some really great pastes that you just plop directly into your dish. This recipe for homemade tikka masala paste takes your dish from “delicious” to “fantastic”.

It is not difficult to make but it does require quite a few ingredients. I have most of my spices in seed form. This way they stay good and fragrant much longer, than the ones in powdered form.

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